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Need some feedback!

Hey folks, I'm about to upload my website after much tweaking and I still have a lot to do on it.

For now I just need some feedback on if it's loading too slow? I could probably make it load 50% faster but I would lose some quality in pictures etc.


and yes I will remove the music once it's finished :)


EDIT: Just noticed I posted in the wrong section, sorry about that :)
Edited: 06/17/2010, 07:33:42 AM
I like. :) Creative layout, unique... easy and simple navigation...

The Flash is tastefully done, except (!) - that transition/zooming/sliding effect on the gallery... I'd get rid of it. When I go to a portfolio I want to see the images... for as long as I find necessary to get the most of them. If it's constantly moving about it just annoys me a lot and I give up looking.

And considering the fact that the site fills up the entire screen - the gallery previews look a bit tiny. Make them larger otherwise they seem to lose their impact... and the visitors come there to see them, not so much the background (as good as that might be).

And lastly - a bit more subtle background for the gallery, so that it's easier to focus on the preview. The bright red just grabs your eyes and the gallery becomes an obstacle, rather than a point of interest.

Yes, remove the music. :)

Good work though! I tend to be very critical, but to encourage you - I like your site.

p.s. Work on the SEO - currently your code doesn't offer anything the search bot might be interested in...
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Posted: 06/17/2010, 17:50:46 PM
Thank you very much Petarneychev! At first I loved the gallery effects but after working a while on it I started to think the same as you said.

Also I'm thinking I should add categories like portraits etc and what do you think about the navigation color (pink) ?

I've barely started on the SEO yet but will do!

Thanks again!
Posted: 06/18/2010, 01:22:59 AM