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Photos of civil rights leaders

I need phots of civil rights leaders for a historical slide show i'm attempting to create on the subject.
Posted: 0 hours ago
hope this could help :)

   Demonstrator / Free Tamils       Demonstrator Against Concentration Camps       Image not available or id is incorrect.   
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Posted: 0 hours ago
 Golden horizon 
Nikon 80-200mm, Nikon18-200VR, Nikon 18-55mm, SB600 flash, Z96 light,...
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   Freedom for Sri Lanka   
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Posted: 06/22/2010, 10:08:49 AM
I think this is a good one. Hope you like it too!   Women's rights elections   
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Posted: 06/22/2010, 11:45:03 AM
Maybe you can use this one; all the leaders past-present of the United Nations.

   Secretary-Generals of the UN   
Posted: 06/22/2010, 12:20:35 PM