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i wanna buy a camera ! anny suggestions guys ? my budget is about 2000$
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Posted: 07/18/2010, 07:43:15 AM
What are you using now?
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Posted: 07/18/2010, 12:03:24 PM
Go with a good NIKON and good lens.
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Posted: 07/18/2010, 12:14:01 PM
What will you be shooting; macro, sports, wildlife, landscapes?

Will you use it while traveling, do you need/want HDvideo on it?

Do you want light and easy, or heavy quality and big bags?

It depends on so many personal factors, you first will have to figure out these things before anyone can give you any helpfull advise.

If you don't know where to start, go to a store and get some advise there.

www.dpreview.com will tell you anything you will ever want to know about any camera.

Have fun in the process!

Love your illustrations btw!

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Posted: 07/18/2010, 12:32:48 PM
I'd check this website for honest reviews: http://www.fredmiranda.com/

I'd suggest to stick with Canon or Nikon. They're both very good and have a great selection of good lenses.

Good luck,


Posted: 07/19/2010, 14:07:01 PM
it is the first time for me to own a professional camera, i am thinking of canon 50d with EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, is it good?

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Posted: 07/21/2010, 16:50:07 PM
Nikon D700..semi-prof. cam with full frame...thats what I wanna do...
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Posted: 07/21/2010, 16:57:34 PM
The canon 50d is a solid camera, I use one. I don't use zooms often so I can't comment on the 18-200mm, mostly for sharpness I use primes, a 35mm and a 50mm macro. I do have the 28-135mm and after sending it to Canon for repair, it is quite sharp. I have also used the Canon T2i, it is pretty good! As far as I can see with the T2i, because of the sensor size diffraction becomes an issue quicker than with my 50d. Cheers!
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Posted: 07/22/2010, 06:08:00 AM
thanks Treb999, i would also ask, is the larger focal length range in lenses reduces quality of images?
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Posted: 07/22/2010, 08:02:28 AM
It's the range of your zoom lens that I think reduces the quality. My main lens is a 24-105mm lens, but it's an "L" lens that I use on the 40D (predecessor of the 50D). In combination with plenty of light it is a super lens.

But then again, it all depends on your budget. It might be good to start of with. I started with a cheep lens and learned how to use a DSLR. As I made some money with stock I traded in my lens for a better one, etc.

The 50D is definitely a great camera, and perfect for stock.

Posted: 07/22/2010, 11:33:08 AM
I am currently using D90.

Good camera so far, but I am always been eager to upgrade.

Nikon D700 or Canon 5D.

Any suggestion on the pro and con?

Nikon is always more expensive on their body and lenses though.

Any Good Advise?
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Posted: 08/20/2010, 10:10:14 AM
Wait a couple of weeks for the new sony A580 and A55!!!

Nikon and Canon will be history in a year. (joke)
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Edited: 08/20/2010, 15:18:25 PM
The Canon 50D is a solid camera, you will be happy with it. Get the best quality lens you can afford-hard to give you advice without knowing more about your photographic targets
Posted: 08/20/2010, 17:04:46 PM
I will need a Full Frame Camera. Guess 50D is a DX?
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Posted: 08/21/2010, 08:23:03 AM
50D is not full frame, it has a 1.6 crop factor. But "DX" name is used for Nikon cameras, with 1.5 crop factor.
Posted: 08/21/2010, 12:44:53 PM
It will be tough to find a Canon or Nikon (new) full-frame camera for $2000.
Posted: 08/22/2010, 04:15:50 AM
I got EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6IS lens when I bought my 7D, when I received the lens, I thought it was a piece of crap because of its plastic build. But I was quickly surprised by the result when I was toying with it. When used properly, this lens can produce great sharpness. The IS is also great for hand held shots down to 1/20, again when used properly.
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Posted: 08/22/2010, 14:30:19 PM

Originally posted by Montica0:
Quoted Message: i wanna buy a camera ! anny suggestions guys ? my budget is about 2000$

With that budget I suggest that you look at 7D or 550D. Glass is what matters more than weather seals if you are using your camera for stock.

Also, try not to buy kit lenses with your camera. Buy some L quality lenses with remaining money.

What I have is 550D, 50mm F1.8II, 70-200 F4 L, Helios 44 (Russian manual 58mm f2.8 glass), Mir 1V (Russian manual 37mm f2.8 glass)... Trying to find something near to 24mm and that will do... It works excellent, makes nice photos and great quality full HD videos!

For full frame you'd need budget of around $3000 - $4000 minimum!

With recent development of Canon 120MP APS-H sensor it looks like Canon brand will be winning for some time from now...
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Edited: 08/24/2010, 13:33:05 PM
Hi All,

Any idea of when the new D700 be launching?

The current model cost SGD3,888.00 Body only.

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Posted: 08/27/2010, 04:44:19 AM