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Outdated Camera

I am not a professional photographer by any means but I do consider some of pictures to be good enough for selling but am I naive to think that my camera which is a Cannon G3 is too outdated for the kind of quality that is expected. I know there are a lot of great cameras out there that don't cost a fortune, but I bought this camera some time ago and have amassed a lot of good quality pix in my opinion but am I fooling myself to think that this camera can cut it quality wise.
Posted: 08/06/2010, 13:30:15 PM
Don`t worry, for beginning G3 is good enough! I think, G series cameras are the best of Canon point&shoot. I begin with Kodac 3.1Mp and till today succesfully use Canon A550, but your is more better - bigger sensor and lenses, ability shoot RAW, e.t.c. So begin and shoot, shoot!
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Posted: 08/06/2010, 14:20:27 PM
Just keep the ISO the smaller as possible and try to avoid too much contrast and you will have some nice pictures that might be accepted here.
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Posted: 08/06/2010, 20:40:40 PM
the low megapixels will demand care to be taken when cropping not to make the image too small, but it should be fine! its usually the photographer, not the camera that causes bad pictures, so no worries!
Posted: 08/06/2010, 20:47:39 PM
Hi there,

You can get images approved with a good point and shoot, but you will be restricted in what you can do. You will need good light, always set the camera to the lowest ISO and clean up any noise etc in photoshop.

Whether you should upgrade depends on what your aspirations for stock are. If you want to get the odd shot approved and perhaps make enough for a take out per month then you are good to go. Nothing wrong with this and it can be great fun and give a sense of achievement when you get a sale.

If you want to start making significant money you will need a decent camera, quality lenses, software etc, etc - and you will also need to invest a lot of time too!

Posted: 08/09/2010, 06:25:33 AM
One can get good shots / sales from a G3 (not my shot):

   Golden Gate Bridge   
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Edited: 08/09/2010, 10:10:21 AM
Try to search: Resources - Our photographers - Equipment - Canon G3. There are 8 photographers using G3 with good, wery good results!
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Posted: 08/09/2010, 11:23:17 AM
I now think to use Pentax k-r for my shots but I have also a Nikon P500 that is a pleasant bridge, zooming very much (36x). Do you think that some shot can enter the stock also if coming from a bridge? I have many photo already done by this camera and some semms valid...
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Posted: 12/08/2011, 01:36:18 AM
yes, the camera IS important, but the photographer more so.

Ansel Adams created some beautiful images with a viw camera, but he could havee gotten fantastic images with a point and shoot. Just be creative and shoot. Digital fiulm is CHEAP!!
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Posted: 12/08/2011, 12:29:28 PM
I discovered stock rank and I see it is very good teacher to understand which kind of photo we can sell. Very interesting!
Pentax K-r with objectif 18-55 and also 35 mm. 2.4
Posted: 12/10/2011, 15:16:11 PM
A point and shoot is still a point and shoot at any age. The age of a camera is not the problem if the camera is a high quality one to begin with, but when it's not a quality camera in the first place it's not going to cut it no matter how new or old it is. You could still take quality photos with an old 5MP pro-grade DSLR using quality glass and it'll be much better than any 16MP point-and-shoot released just this year. Or even use an ancient film camera with good glass and scan it into digital format.
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Edited: 12/20/2011, 23:32:48 PM
All my uploaded pics so far are from point and shoot.

And the lowest one in that (Nikon 4 Mega pixel) gives the best results.
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Posted: 12/21/2011, 04:28:15 AM