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Shooting T2i Sunrise video

I am planning on using my Canon T2i to shoot a timelapse sunrise video. The warnings in the manual say that aiming the camera at the sun for any amount of time will damage the interior components of the camera. Has anybody had any experience doing this, and can I shoot this video? Is sunrise not so much an issue as aiming at the sun during the middle of the day? Is there a timelimit to which I need to abide by if I do this?

Please let me know!
Posted: 10/01/2010, 03:06:32 AM
I hate to offer any advice on something that could wreck your camera, but I did read about someone destroying their camera doing this and it reminded me of the section in the manual. It is the shutter curtain that is sensitive and it is exposed when the mirror is up and not taking an exposure. The one way I know of to do this would be to use mirror lockup for your time lapse stuff. Then the mirror goes up and the sun starts hitting the shutter curtain for 2-10s before the exposure - so never use mirror lockup for this type of activity.

Further the size of the sun is a factor as is length of exposure. If the sun is small in the frame you can obviously take photos like that, but a telephoto closeup of the sun would be a bad idea too. Finally, I don't think using liveview to compose is a good idea either if the sun figures large in the shot - you are focusing all that heat onto the sensor...

I don't see any problem as long as you can look through the viewfinder between exposures as the mirror is down, exposure is short and the sun in very small (wide angle)... Definitely look into it a bit more, and be sure! DPReview has all kinds of melting stories like this one: Dont shoot the sun

The more I read the more I am surprised it hasn't happened to me yet :)
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