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Temperture and DSLR

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Onlt thing I've noticed with my D70 and D300 is that the battery does not hold a charge as long in extreme cold weather. Keep it tucked in your pocket till needed then install. Take out when you are done shooting.
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Posted: 09/23/2011, 14:19:53 PM
My advice: put your camera in a plastic bag when you come from COLD to WARM. Before entering in house! This will prevent warm air to make condensation. To test this phenomenon please take a beer out from the fridge and look at condensation. Same thing happens INSIDE your camera - a lot of water on those delicate circuits! A plastic bag, in winter, is a must in your pocket. Good luck.
Edited: 11/23/2011, 03:18:02 AM
Other problem is that the battery voltage drops in the cold. I keep the battery in an inside jacket pocket till I am ready to shoot, and then take it out when I am done. I also cary a spare battery full charged in another pocket.
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Posted: 11/23/2011, 13:30:32 PM

Originally posted by Jvecc1:
Quoted Message: Also before shooting photos such as going from outside cold to inside warm should the camera be allowed to adjust to the temp changes? ThanksJvecc1

Yes, but don't forget to put camera inside a plastic bag. Warm air must not come in contact with cold camera to make condensation. Please let camera to become warmer inside the bag. This is very important. After ~ 30 min you can work again.
Posted: 11/23/2011, 14:58:45 PM
It is all physics and you need to remember that:

Fact 1. Warm air can absorb more water vapors than cold air.

Fact 2. When air saturated with water cools down, the excess water changes state to liquid and forms a fog or condensation on surfaces.

So here are come conclusions:

1. exposing a cold camera to warmer humid air launches condensation on all surfaces, that are colder than air - including circuits... [because surrounding humid air cools down at contact with cold surface and releases excess water...] (Solution: putting camera into seal-able plastic bag while in cold environment. Leave it in the bag until camera matches room temperature. The humid air will not get in contact with camera.)

2. changing camera environment from warm to cold is not safe. Imagine your camera sitting on your shelf - it is filled with air of same temperature and humidity as surrounding air in room. When you take it to cold environment, the camera body cools down to ambient temperature and so does the trapped humid air inside... - result is condensation inside body as colder air cannot retain water vapors. And weather-sealed cameras are no exception! (Solution: gradual temperature change - for example for couple of hours [if possible overnight] keep camera close to window where it is colder by 3-10 degrees [depending on window :) ] and detaching lens for 10-20 seconds if camera is weather-sealed, [to replace the humid air from inside with dryer air of new environment right after camera is brought to colder temperature])

3. hiding your camera under your jacket in winter (because you try to save some battery time) is very RISKY! Basically by hiding it under jacket you change the temperature and humidity of air surrounding your camera. Under jacket it is warm and humid as your body generates warmth and sweat so it is same as taking cold camera into warm and humid room... (Solution: camera sealed in plastic bag can be put under jacket [with cold air in the bag - as in conclusion.1]... but it is kind of silly to unwrap and wrap the camera in plastic before and after each shot... :) )

I hope it is understandable and it will help someone... -I usually make things look more complicated than they are... but it is, actually, pretty logic, isn't it...

and editing images :)...
Edited: 11/23/2011, 17:21:31 PM
I used my Canon 50d at -16 degrees Celsius and had no problem.

My old Rebel XT condensed moisture in Cancun when I left the us with air condition,
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Posted: 11/23/2011, 19:56:48 PM
How many time did you do this? :-)
Posted: 11/24/2011, 12:01:22 PM
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