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100% A.R.

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That`s wonderful! I have 48,5 % right now, and I`m trying to get to 50 % soon :)

Good luck Francesca!
Posted: 02/03/2011, 14:25:19 PM
I have only 44,2%. But for me this is a good AR. Because when I came here..for 4 months i was at 22% :D
Nikon D7200, Nikkor 50mm f1:8
Posted: 02/03/2011, 14:46:41 PM
Wow, thats really amazing, congrats,
equipment- Visatec Solo Three Monolight Kit, Speedlight-Nikon SB-800,...
Posted: 02/03/2011, 14:52:55 PM
I just started, learning from every file rejected...a bit above 30%. But I'm greatful to DT for maintaining the level of quality of my portfolio.
Congratulations on your achievement!
Photoshop CS6. ...
Posted: 02/03/2011, 14:59:29 PM
I have 77.6% in this moment. Your 91,3% is really high
Pentax K-X, Wacom Intuos3
Posted: 02/03/2011, 18:50:12 PM
Wow! great achievement.
I am currently using Canon gear. ____________________________________...
Posted: 02/04/2011, 01:59:11 AM
Thanks for your comments!
Physi28 Me too, also because there is always something to learn from refusals :-)
Roberto1977 18 months without refusals? You are a legend!
For Photographers all I think for the photographer is much more difficult compared to illustrators. There are several factors to consider:lens quality, lights, noise, composition,etc...
Bye, Francesca!
Posted: 02/04/2011, 03:44:17 AM
Wow, very high AR. My average AR only have 59.6%.
Canon EOS 50D
Posted: 02/04/2011, 04:04:11 AM
Congrats! my A.I. is 86.2%
Illustrator - Photoshop - Wacom Bamboo tablet
Posted: 02/08/2011, 09:20:55 AM
Congratulations, Francesca! I'm still waiting to have a month with 100% AR.
3 Canon camera bodies and assorted lenses, flashes, filters, cords, et...
Posted: 02/08/2011, 12:15:53 PM
Nikon bodies and lenses
Posted: 02/08/2011, 23:19:37 PM
Thank you all again!!!
Posted: 02/09/2011, 03:18:05 AM
It says a great deal about the quality of your portfolio.... which I admire. David
Nikon D 700 and various Nikon lens.
Posted: 02/09/2011, 03:27:10 AM
Great! Congratulations!
Posted: 02/10/2011, 14:40:47 PM
Congratulations! Your acceptance is very high outspoken. I am also working.
Posted: 02/13/2011, 06:47:24 AM
Thankssss!!!!! :-) This month i have 11/11 accepted!
Posted: 02/15/2011, 10:20:11 AM
Really a great job,don't think there are lots of people with such an hight AR around here.
Nikkor 85 f 1.4 Zoom: Sigma 24-70 f 2.8 SB-900 ...
Posted: 02/19/2011, 03:36:14 AM
Congratulations!very very good works!
NIKON D300/ D70s
Posted: 02/23/2011, 08:12:29 AM
Impressive! I don't think AR makes a big difference in placement - it would be hard to imagine a case where relevancy is similar enough that AR would be the only differentiator. In any case, I think AR is very important for no other reason than it saves you time - let no image go unused!
ZD 50mm Macro f/2...
Posted: 02/25/2011, 23:48:07 PM
impressive, I think what this illustrates once again is how much easier it is to be an illustrator with software as your brush. its 1000 percent harder to be a photog and theres a 1000 times more competition in stock, it is for this reason that I think the two should be separate in DT different sites/sections and the AR is really not comparable.
Posted: 02/15/2013, 00:15:27 AM
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