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Feedbacks on my www very welcome :)


I would be very happy to receive feedback about my website www.photomim.com

Also I would like to ask professionals about quality of photos on the websites. I noticed that on some photo websites, photos are very crispy and glossy - they look really amazing (especially landscapes), is there any magic trick to achieve that quality, maybe a particular filter in PS, or in a different program? I would be very gratefull for any tips and advices:)

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Hi Mim

The link above goes back to DT not to your site

Posted: 1 minute ago
thanks Jvecc1!

this is the correct one this time:) i hope it works if not just type it in google :)

Posted: 1 minute ago
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I love some of your photos. Nice job on the website.
Canon EOS Rebel xsi
Posted: 03/05/2011, 05:49:35 AM