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Looking for someone to design my clothing label logo

I had purchased the licence of "frame lust" 119140404119Fjd2 by Dmitri Ezepov and requested for an sr-el as it was listed with the sr-el. I was very disapointed to find that he had refused it as an sr-el, so Im no sure why it is listed as such. I am small time designer of a clothing range that I have currently put together and am now trying to get the perfect clothing label for. I mention the above to give anyone interested an idea of what I am looking for. My clothing is edgy with a gothic and bohemian parisian tattered decadent chic look. Most of my items are steel boned corsets and shredded tattered tulle skirts . I had intended to mess the girls hair a little but keep the same style. I was also going to give them a steel boned corset and a shredded tattered tulle tutu. I love all the surrounding roses.
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I can do it for you. Let me get something set up and I'll show you what I can do. If you like it, we'll set something up.
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Posted: 03/18/2011, 21:33:42 PM
Thanks Alajadroronay. You email me at Edited by admin: please, don't post personal contacts on the boards. if you like
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I emailed you with some questions
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Posted: 03/18/2011, 22:30:18 PM
here I am if you're looking for something more elegant or bidzarre!

You can write me a comment in my blog here in DT or in an image!
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Posted: 03/21/2011, 14:18:16 PM
   Water fairy   

i like this it would make great logo I am working on the dark fairy lik that it black and green and fades out but i have not been able to get one up yet. if ya like this I can try the dark fairy again.
Posted: 03/21/2011, 17:11:44 PM
Oh I could help with that -- you cloths sound awesome!
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Posted: 03/22/2011, 17:16:22 PM
Iv got a picture that maybe of some interest but its still in priority review.....
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Posted: 03/24/2011, 10:59:28 AM
Hi....I'm sorry for my last message! I didn't show you some of my image! I also love gothic style, but I use it for other project at the moment!

A logo....uhm...well, I understand what you create in your work. I think I can show you these works:

   Decorated butterfly   

Ah, the butterfly. Do you know butterfly is also an esoteric symbol of immortality?

And this one? what do you think about it?

   isolated Evil heart with bat wings in red tones   

An heart with horns and bat wings. there's also a star, a particular star (you know what I'm saying). Also this could be an interesting idea for your logos, because it represents love with a little bit of damnation. Passion and darkness.

Something happier? Choose your skull here!

   set of Nice Skull expression isolated   

and these eyes?

   isolated eyes decorated with fantasy   

I have other projects in my portfolio, if you want you can see it when you want. You can see it also to think about a cooperation between su: in other terms if you are not satisfied by te images I show you now, but you think my style is what you're looking for, you can clear with my images your ideas and ask me a specific project for your logos.

Have a nice day and good job.


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   Red glossy lips with corset   
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Posted: 03/28/2011, 00:31:38 AM
   Hand drawn rose   14334477

hand drawn immage may be nice
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