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Generic Design for a chocolate box

I am looking for some suggestions for a design, which we want to print on a chocolate box. There are no text print on the box, and the box will be used for packing brand less chocolates.

I have looked at several images, but to be honest, my client is a bit confused. So, I thought of taking suggestions from contributors. Please help.

I will prefer images, which are available finally in vector or other form, which can be manipulated.

Thanks in advance. Need to decide in next 2 weeks or so.
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Posted: 03/24/2011, 13:38:45 PM
a 3D image of a piece of chocolate is the first thing that comes to my mind!

Posted: 03/24/2011, 14:01:10 PM
I can share the images, that we considered for this project. we need more suggestions. The images are in this collection Chocolate Box Collection
Sony DSLR DSC F828 Sony Cybershot DSC-S60
Posted: 03/24/2011, 15:26:39 PM
What if you take the red background out of image 5913355 and replace that red with image 13255103.

   Elegance Red       Chocolate Ripples   
Posted: 03/24/2011, 15:38:22 PM
Good morning! I searched for in my portfolio and I found some idea for you.

Those ones are some examples of background! There's also the eps file, so you could take the background you prefer

   set of abstract colorful Backgrounds isolated   

   set of abstract colorful Backgrounds isolated   

I could also suggest you this frame (with eps):

   isolated Floral frame with stylized flowers and bu   

Or this background (with eps):

   frame decorated with stylized white flowers   

but I have other images in my portfolio that could help you!

Thanks for the attention!

Inkscape, gimp and other softwares
Posted: 03/24/2011, 18:13:39 PM
Maybe something like this?   Valentine's music   

or this   Azaleas border, cdr vector   
Posted: 03/25/2011, 01:23:17 AM
Thanks for suggestions, we are looking at them.
Sony DSLR DSC F828 Sony Cybershot DSC-S60
Posted: 03/26/2011, 07:58:47 AM
It's a pleasure help you!

I think the images we posted here (me and the other contributors) can help you to have a clear idea for the images you're looking for. This idea can help us to realize the perfect illustration for your needs!

I'm waiting for news by you. Have a nice weekend! ;)

Inkscape, gimp and other softwares
Posted: 03/26/2011, 10:59:46 AM
Cooking up something sweet ....

Edit by Admin: this image don't match requirements.

Edited: 04/20/2011, 04:00:25 AM by Admin
eh eh eh....you need some recipes to cook something sweet! You have to look at my recipes blog :)
Inkscape, gimp and other softwares
Posted: 03/26/2011, 11:42:07 AM
   Green swish       Green swish   

   Red swish       Yellow,green swish   

Nikon D7000
Posted: 03/28/2011, 01:53:41 AM
   Chocolate splash   
Posted: 03/31/2011, 13:21:14 PM
   Speech bubbles   
Posted: 03/31/2011, 13:24:00 PM
May I suggest. Have EPS file too.

   Beautiful roses borders   

   Elegant golden ribbon   

   Glossy strawberry heart card   

   Glossy red heart card   

   Elegant golden ribbon   

   Luxury rose background   
Edited: 04/02/2011, 13:08:52 PM
   Elegant Banner   

   Love Concept   
Posted: 04/14/2011, 02:20:57 AM
   Chocolate cream      Chocolate      Chocolate   

Posted: 04/19/2011, 11:33:05 AM
Leda, I think, these are very nice designs. We have already bought some images, and there are more to download. Will sure keep them in my wish list.
Sony DSLR DSC F828 Sony Cybershot DSC-S60
Posted: 04/19/2011, 13:59:54 PM
I'm glad you liked them! :)
Posted: 04/19/2011, 14:26:37 PM