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Looking for intricate tied up hands

I'm not new to dreamstime, but I'm new to the forums and I'm doing a book cover for a client and need an image similar to this competition's #12570777-bound-together. Of course I'm a loyal dreamstime user and don't want to buy it from anyone else. And I would really prefer to have it in color. It

It would be female hands tied up intricately on a dark background (preferred, but I can always cut it out if need be). It should look like whoever tied the hands up spend a long time on it. It's for a book about Shibari, a specific type of bondage. No nudity!

Any help would be appreciated.

You can see some of my other covers cover examples

All covers I've done so far use only dreamstime stock.

Thanks in advance.
Edited: 05/01/2011, 09:56:28 AM
When do you need this by?
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Week or two.
Posted: 1 minute ago
What you think about those images?People tied up
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You need only the hands (a detail) or a whole person ?
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Posted: 05/03/2011, 01:34:29 AM
Those are nice images but they need to be more like bondage images. More erotic. I only need the hands, but if the image has the whole body tied up, I might be able to use it. It's for an erotic book about bondage.

Thanks for all the help!
Posted: 1 minute ago
did you get what you need?
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Posted: 05/10/2011, 07:30:31 AM
Yes. How do I close this thread?
Posted: 1 minute ago