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Commas in between keyword ?

I`m new here and I just uploaded a bunch of files. My keywords have spaces in between them but no commas, I`m wondering if this is a problem (do you need commas in between keywords).
Posted: 05/11/2011, 20:32:37 PM
That's just perfect. No commas needed.
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Posted: 05/11/2011, 21:06:01 PM
Poifect, thank you!

One more Newb question. Is it possible to add or modify keywords once a file is accepted.
Edited: 05/12/2011, 08:16:19 AM
Yes, you can change everything except the ID and categories.
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Posted: 05/12/2011, 09:46:49 AM
Welcome to DT!
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Posted: 05/12/2011, 11:25:15 AM
Welcome to DT and good luck with your uploads!
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Posted: 05/13/2011, 19:09:33 PM
Hi walcome to DT. After accepting image you can change description, title and add more keyword or change them. After rejecteing image you willalwas have replay from revieruer with information what was wrong with it, waht do you have to correct.

Have fun, Ania
Posted: 05/16/2011, 13:26:10 PM
Thanks for the replies everyone !
Posted: 05/22/2011, 22:14:20 PM
Imageegami i would like to pose a question, if you dont wont dont answer me, how you can be emerald in FT ranking, you are just new in FT....:) sorry if ma question is non polity correct
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Posted: 07/16/2011, 06:15:04 AM
Hello and welcome!
Posted: 12/10/2011, 08:50:31 AM
Hi and welcome to DT, hopefully your now all up and running :-)

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Posted: 12/12/2011, 08:12:48 AM
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Posted: 12/12/2011, 09:39:19 AM
Well, i suppose i should say welcome... But like BCritchley said, you are probably up and running.

Keep it up. :)
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Posted: 12/13/2011, 19:28:30 PM