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Graduated ND filters and dark corners - advice needed


I'm planning to leave Cokin nd graduated filters due to annoying color shift that makes pictures pink. I was looking to buy Lee filters (0.6 soft and 0.3 soft, both 100x150mm) for landscape photography. I also plan to buy a coking z-pro holder that should fit to those filters.

Currently I'm shooting with Canon 40D which has 1.6x crop sensor and the widest angle I currently have is 17mm (~27mm 35mm equiv.). As coking P series filter with holder (manually cut lower) left slight dark corners at 17mm, then I believe z-pro holder should not leave any dark corners, right?

But, looking into future, I plan to go for a full-frame camera in around 1-2years time. Can someone say, if the 17mm at full frame camera with coking z-pro holder and one 100x150mm filter attached leave dark corners? Do I need even more wider holder and filters (if there are even more wider stuff available)?
My tired eyes.
Posted: 06/17/2011, 00:55:43 AM
So, a month has passed and no answers. I'll answer myself then :)

I just wrote a short blog article that answers my question above. Click here to read.
My tired eyes.
Posted: 07/16/2011, 15:46:24 PM