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Studio kit

Hi all,

I am trying to make a decision about what studio kit I am going to purchase. I need one mainly for product photography and still-life (small and medium size objects). So far I found reasonable the following:

1. Techlamps Mini Digital Studio

2. 3000 watts Quartz Light Kit

3. Lastolite Studio Cubelite

Has any of you had any experiences with the above items? I would be happy to find out your opinion. The price is not an issue. The most important thing is the quality and the light...

Nikon D300s, Nikon 24-70mm/2.8, 70-200mm
Posted: 1 minute ago
3000 watts are way too much for products. I use 3 x300 watts/sec strobes and never go up 1/32-1/16 power each.

Option 1 is ok for small and non-reflective objects.

Go for Quartz light kit if money are not a problem. You will use those power for much else than product photography and still-life.

Good luck.
Posted: 06/26/2011, 08:21:13 AM
Thanks for your advice!
Nikon D300s, Nikon 24-70mm/2.8, 70-200mm
Posted: 07/05/2011, 02:06:42 AM
I would go with strobe light instead of continuous light, they give much more light for same power, and can freeze movement since the duration of strobe is usually between 1/8000s and 1/400s.

I would go with shooting table from Techlamps and studio lights


similar budget much more possibilities.
Canon 50d, Tamron 28-70mm f2.8, Sigma 50mm f1.4
Posted: 07/11/2011, 04:36:37 AM