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Any Reliable Rumors for the Nikon D800?

My Nikon D100 will be a fantastic camera for years to come but even though a horse and buggy is reliable transportation, there are better ways to travel.

I've been saving up my DT earnings to buy a new camera with my eye on the D700 but it's been on the market for three years now so it's going to be replaced at some point.

Search the internet and there are all kinds of speculations and rumors for the long awaited D800.

Rumors are rumors but can sometimes be fairly accurate information. So I'm wondering if anyone knows anything.

I'll be keeping the horse and buggy as a backup but I am itching for the new ride. :-)
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Posted: 07/03/2011, 08:47:11 AM
None that I know of. There have been rumors going for at least a few years.... usually all 'the next 3-6 months it will come out' but so far nothing. However, things may have been set back but the tsunami that hit Japan, as they have a factory there.

That said, I got the D700 (upgrade from the D200) and no regrets. It's an awesome camera!
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Posted: 07/03/2011, 10:10:41 AM
If my memory serves me right, Nikon has previously at times offered a rebate on equipment shortly before they released an update. FYI, I am amazed you are still with the horse and buggy.
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Posted: 07/11/2011, 02:19:02 AM