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Scrapped my Flashsite and went with this. Pointers anyone?

I got a lot of critisism on my old site being all flash. I've been thinking and I have made a more "mature" site. Language is in swedish but you get the idea. Please give me some pointers or advice as how to develop it further.

Christian Morales Photography

Thank you :)
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Posted: 08/09/2011, 13:07:37 PM
Hi Christian,

Basically i like your site,

i have an objection about the fonts you use, it could be more simple and modern, less is more, i think that is the style of your site

i hope i helped
Posted: 08/09/2011, 13:35:05 PM
If your goal is to offer a showcase for customers and peers you know and you can provide with a link, this version of your site is as good as Flash.

If your goal is to sweep the long tail of the net and funnel new customers into a sales outlet, this version is as bad as Flash.

You don't have any textual info on the landing page as to what your specialty is and where your images can be bought. You don't have any meaningful meta (title, description) info on your page head : search robots are blind (they don't see images, only text) and this site is therefore very SEO-impaired.

No intention of pimping but here might be some useful info about commercial photography sites: Your site and SEO for your site.

A small detail: I had a look at the code as how the search robots "see" it and all your images seem to be embedded in javascript. That's a very good practice to enhance the viewer's experience (by preloading) but as far as I know (maybe that changed recently), the bots skip javascript all together. You could remedy this by making a parallel site with hard-coded image locations surrounded by textual meta-info (title, description), inject it into a sitemap and feed that sitemap to the bots.
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Edited: 08/10/2011, 05:45:16 AM
Response is a little late, but perhaps you are still hoping for feedback?

I like the simplicity of the site's navigation (some sites make it easy to get lost). The only issue I had was that what seems to be the main method of navigating (clicking to the right or left, instead of dragging the slider) sometimes cuts off images as it scrolls. Before the scroll, you see the left side of the image. After the scroll, you see the right side. It would like to have it snap the image to the edge of the screen to allow for the whole image to be seen at once without the slider.
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Posted: 10/23/2011, 21:12:31 PM
Well, I just have to repeat myself : this has all to do with the viewer's experience once he got on your site. But how he gets there is another cup of tea. That's why I mentioned Search Engine Optimization.

Perhaps your goal is not to attract random traffic (hopefully containing a few potential customers too) but to support your presence with existing customers, and then you can ignore the SEO part. Your site is just fine then as it is, and you can promote yourself within a targeted business network.
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Posted: 11/01/2011, 02:53:02 AM
Hi, your portfolio is very good and the site helps you to show it.

I would do it in English, though, most probably any buyer in Sweden will understand and you could attract more foreign buyers.

By the way, the site ran smoothly and beautifully in my iPad, you did the right decision getting rid of flash and opting for a light simple navigation
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Posted: 11/01/2011, 04:48:19 AM