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Canon EOS 60D or Canon EOS 5D Mark ll

I currently own a Canon 40D and I'm ready for an upgrade.

However, I have a hard time deciding whether to go for the 60D or the 5D Mark ll for double the price. I prefere the latter, and I've already read many reviews but I would rather hear peoples experiences and advice.

One concern I have, is the 21 megapixels on the 5D. From what I read, you gain much detail, but at the same time I read that many people owning a camera with that many megapixels, are downsizing their images in order to have them appear sharp. To me, an upgrade for such an amount of money would be useless.

So, to those of you owning the 5D... I'd really appreciate to hear your experiences (preferably conpaired to an earlier model, such as the 40D I've been working with)

Thanks in advance!
Posted: 10/01/2011, 11:50:13 AM
I own both...If you can afford the 5D MKII, then get the 5D MK II. Once you go full frame, you will never go back.
Posted: 10/01/2011, 18:11:44 PM
I use both 40D and 5D Mark II. I prefer 5D (of course :) ), because if I shot inside or outside at evening/night, 5D makes nicer and not as noisy photos as 40D. I don't know a lot about 60D but I think you maybe better off if you rather buy 60D with a better lens and not 5D Mk II with a cheapest objective. (You can use only EF lens with 5D Mark II, because of the full frame.)
Posted: 10/01/2011, 18:15:30 PM
Thank you both for taking the time to reply!

I already checked on the lenses and it was said they all work on the 5D, so that should not be a problem. I don't use L glass, but the lenses I got are very good (Tamron 90mm macro, etc)
Posted: 10/02/2011, 01:24:45 AM
In the long run, glass is the most expensive and it stays around much longer than your cam bodies. For that reason I wanted a full frame when I started building my lenses collection for Canon. The 7D is better for sports and focuses faster than the 5DII, but for stock the 5DII beats all competition. Why 21MP? It's easier to crop towards a more square format an you'll have larger thumbs on DT :-p

If you can afford the 5D, don't hesitate.
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Posted: 10/02/2011, 09:07:51 AM

Originally posted by Fleyeing:
Quoted Message: In the long run, glass is the most expensive and it stays around much longer than your cam bodies. For that reason I wanted a full frame when I started building my lenses collection for Canon.

Thanks for your advice Fleyeing!

The above where my thoughts as well.

I guess I'll have to start looking around to see where I can get the best deal then :)
Posted: 10/02/2011, 17:53:15 PM
A few months ago, I had the same dillema, upgrading from my 50D.

I decided for the 5D in the end,

The 60D body is a downgrade from the 50D, plastic, I wouldnt go there, either a 7D or a 5D.

I checked your portfolio and you mainly take studio images, so the 5D would be your best option.

To get the full 21Mpixels, you have to be a bit picky, no camera shake (or a tripod) and try to stay close to the sweet spot of your lenses (normally f8).

You only need to decrease the resolution when you close the lens further than f16,

With my 50D I had to decrease resolution with anything more than f11.

Lood at this calculator, it helps a lot.Difraction Calculator

But it seemed to me thats easier to get 21Mpixels with the 5D than it was to get 15Mpixels with the 50D.

The only drawback is that its a bit slow for sports.
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Posted: 10/02/2011, 20:48:51 PM
I love my 5dMKII and with L series lenses is nothing short of stunning, the detail, low light capabilities ( I'm only now starting to to realise that ISO 400 is no real issue for quality on the 5D ).

Make sure you don't put on it Canon 17-85mm this is a EF-S lens and not compatible with the 5D, catches some out.

Here is a latest picture I took last week and just love the detail on it Rhino


Really well made and sealed and should last you for ages :-)

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Posted: 10/03/2011, 10:43:50 AM
Thanks once more for the replies!

I now feel the 5D is indeed the best choice, so I truly appreciate the advices I got!

@BCritchley: this guy seriously needs some anti aging products ;-)

The image sure proofs your point!
Posted: 10/03/2011, 12:12:44 PM
5d is the best choice ( if the price is not such a big issue).... if you want to get all out of that body..... switch to L lenses.
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Posted: 10/03/2011, 12:35:03 PM
A lens upgrade will definitely be the next investment!

Posted: 10/04/2011, 03:37:16 AM