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Royalty free image for COMMERCIAL USE?

Hello everybody,

I want to create videos (in which I teach Italian) to upload on YouTube, and I need to put images inside them.

I also have the intention of becoming a YouTube Partner (by being a partner I will earn money through the ads shown on YouTube next to my videos), and YouTube requires that partners have to have the authorization for COMMERCIAL USAGE of any material, like images and music, inserted in their videos.

Does the Dreamstime Royalty free image STANDARD license give authorization for COMMERCIAL USE for the case I explained? Or do I need an extended license? Does the Free image (RF-LL license) give the same authorization?

Thank you very much in advance.
Posted: 11/04/2011, 18:23:09 PM
"Royalty-Free License - Concept Info

Note that the maximum number of copies for printed materials is 500,000 copies."

I think that you will put only one video on YT. YT is like a website.

I wonder if you will use HD video because: "For Web use, you must not use the image at a width exceeding 800 pixels unless it is included in your site's design. If the image is part of a design and manipulated accordingly, the image width can be higher than 800 pixels."

I advise you to wait for an admin response. Good luck!
Posted: 11/05/2011, 15:44:37 PM
Hi Alvera,

I'm going to create my lessons with Powerpoint, and then a screencast software will turn the slides into an HD video.

I didn't know that I have not to exceed the 800 pixels for this particular use.

I'm going to wait for an admin response then.

Thank you very much for your interesting answer.
Posted: 11/06/2011, 13:11:38 PM
The license recommended for this type of usage depends on the video content and the actual end usage of the resulting video. If this is for educational purposes only, then you can use our images.

The license recommended is the standard Royalty Free and the free images can also be used. The credit line is highly recommended for such usages.
Edited: 11/07/2011, 02:47:02 AM by Admin
Hi Tangie,

Thanks for your answer.

The videos are for educational purposes, but as I mentioned previously, since I'd like to become a YouTube partner, YouTube requiresthe explicit permission to commercially use all video material, (I must possess all the necessary distribution rights for all content in the video) as you can see from this YouTube video

I'm starting to believe that the standard license is not enough for this purpose.
Posted: 11/09/2011, 12:31:10 PM