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Thread thumbnail problems? Help please.


Just wondering if anyone else is having problems viewing images in the threads?

Sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere.

For example all Achilles pictures are showing up as a digital hard drive pic.

Another wrote "I love this cute little pig image"

and all I could see was a picture of a sprig of lavender.

If I then click on the pics to go to the imdividual pic pages

it says that the image or file could not be located.

Could anyone help please?

point and snap)...
Posted: 11/15/2011, 08:09:41 AM
Which threads exactly are you checking?
Posted: 11/15/2011, 08:18:49 AM
Two answers -

1) Most of the images of Achilles' hard drive initially pointed to other images that were temporary. I've mostly seen these in the request forum where a contributor uploaded an image in response to a request and showed the temporary URL to the requester to see if the item in the queue met what was wanted. Dreamstime seems to have made a change recently that no longer allows the temporary images to be shown. These have been replaced with the hard drive image. An example thread is: Page 3 of Opposites and Prepositions. Another example is E Book trilogy covers, but the new replacement images are others besides the hard drive.

2) For some reason, the forum's insert image feature does not work for the full URL for all images. On this thread I posted three images. The 2nd image (the one of the periodic table) would not link to the desired picture and instead showed the image of the lamb with no hyperlink. I tried again with just that image in a separate post, and I got the error about not being able to locate the image. To get around this problem, I re-inserted the image by just using the image number instead of using the full URL. This corrected the problem.
Posted: 1 minute ago
Ah yes, they were the two threads I was looking at, Enimgacypher.

These ones, Tangie -

E-book Trilogy Covers and

Opposites and Prepositions.

I haven't posted any pics lately,

but it was hard to follow what was going on, when

the pictures don't follow the thread.

Is this a bug or just what happens with temporary files?
point and snap)...
Posted: 1 minute ago