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Only 1 sale in the last 3 month


I am a little bit puzzled about my sales... The last 3 month I just sold 1 picture. The whole year before I at least soled 3 per month. Does anybody of you have the same problem??? Were these month in general weak in selling?
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Posted: 11/21/2011, 08:59:47 AM
I'm newer than you in DT...and I take photos for only 5 years. When I first started to stock photography, I grabbed some best seller magazines and checked for the pages about the pictures that they prefer and use. Lighting styles, concepts, subjects, models, framing...everything! I think it helped me a lot in creating the right photos in my portfolio.

Maybe using the same method can help you too...
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Posted: 11/21/2011, 11:02:59 AM
It takes time, lots of time. Your stuff is awesome, and quite season specific, with Christmas coming up you have many that would be useful. My advice, participate as much as your can in the message boards, and write a few blogs, tell the world about yourself, and let people get to know you a bit better. Good luck!
Posted: 11/21/2011, 22:00:09 PM
When was the last time you uploaded? Sales also depend on the number of uploads/ week or month as I experienced. Loved your portfolio, keep up, and your sales will rise.
Posted: 11/22/2011, 01:23:34 AM
In november I uploaded 27 new pictures. I don't think it has somthing to do with the uploads because the whole year before I had sales every month. It is just with the start of september that the sales stagnate somehow...
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Posted: 11/23/2011, 12:48:38 PM