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Alliances and Partnerships

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Originally posted by Chanevy:
Quoted Message: The images that DT selected from my port are a small portion of the port, and they were not selling anyway-all but one were level zero. The other had 1 sale and is one of my older images. I would likely feel differently if they were giving away images that are actually selling.

Most of the images they selected from me is poor selling crap. So the strategy seems to be (to start) is try to get something out of nothing which is actually a good idea. There was at least one level 5 image selected but it has been selling less and less mainly because it's an older image and there are now better choices from newer images.

Overall, I still don't get the rush for the industry to give away more and more images. Well, in the case of GI, it's a profit center with contrived terms and conditions to avoid sharing revenue with Contributors. That's about as dirty as it gets and you can bet some suit over there got a nice bonus.

In the end I hope DT finds a way to reward its Contributors versus being the "least evil" compared to the rest.
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Posted: 06/02/2014, 10:33:31 AM
Hey Chris! Glad to see you posting here. Been missing your unique combination of reason and wit :)

Would never have known it was you with the screen name "Fred11".

Totally agree this is worth trying, and if it doesn't work out, no great harm done. DT is certainly not asking us to give away our whole portfolios, nor asking for an unlimited or unreasonable length of time. Everyone is free to decide for themselves, of course, which is an option DT provided up front, without being asked.
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Posted: 06/02/2014, 13:15:18 PM
Hi Lisa! yeah I did tell you a few years back actually. Mind you I cant figure why I joined as fred11, must have been on the booze or something? haha.

Exactly! there is no risk and nothing to lose. I dont understand why some people are so hostile towards it?? something new, perhaps even rewarding. I think we should welcome that. I mean there isnt lots of excitement going on in Micro right now. At least this is something new, right?

With you on board, yep! I think I pour myself a large Scotch! celebrating! well maybe two perhaps even three!

all the best.
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Posted: 06/02/2014, 13:47:53 PM

Originally posted by Theohrm:
Quoted Message: On a more personal note, I hated the way the email was phrased. "Top Contributor"? Please. I am not a top contributor, here or anywhere else. It`s skeevy, it`s not true, and flattery is never needed where facts are present.

As the secret was revealed, let's see who is hot and who is not?! :)
I had 90 images selected. Anyone better than me?! I hear 91? 92? :)
Posted: 06/03/2014, 10:30:20 AM
Exciting news!
Some wikileaks from my Royal Intelligence Agency R.I.A.
This secret experiment is originated from Area 51.
Our images will be exposed to a tremendously cantity of energy, electromagnetic waves and hot pixels and they will travel about 200 years in the future!
Yes man!
We all be dead and our images will worth millions.
It's a new Philadelphia experiment boys and girls! Get onboard! :)
Posted: 06/03/2014, 11:54:49 AM
Yeah yeah I hear you loud and clear man! its a close encounter of the fourth kind! The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination!
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Posted: 06/03/2014, 13:49:29 PM
You better believe it, Fred!
Did you notice the delay between an image approval and the database update? THEY use that energy for a huge Tesla coil in the exciting experiment, code name IMT (Image Time Travel).
If Sarah O'Connor will be shoot, I know who to blame! :)
Posted: 06/03/2014, 15:37:23 PM
Hahaha!! actually now when you mention it, why this delay of stats showing? bug? glitch? what?
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Posted: 06/03/2014, 23:49:23 PM

Originally posted by Fred11:
Quoted Message: Hahaha!! actually now when you mention it, why this delay of stats showing? bug? glitch? what?

Because THEY use an Intel 486 200 MHz half-core processor on the main server :) And the databases are optimized for message board chat and not for making thumbnail images. Also, from 10 dwarves used to stick the watermark on the photos (manually!), 7 are in hunger strike. The glue is bad and some watermarks need to be reattached often.
This is why! Not to say about the electrical power consumed with exciting news! :) The female admins use their own modified fitness bikes to get some extra energy. :)

And some top-secret inside-image. This device is used for accept or reject photos:

   Retro scale   
Posted: 06/04/2014, 01:32:30 AM
Notice: A seminar on time travel will be held last Tuesday.
Posted: 06/04/2014, 07:36:30 AM
After being bullied into opting out of 'all' the partner programs due to dreamstime's 'inability' to allow contributors to just opt out of the new (Exciting opportunity to give your images away for free fiasco). Absolutely disgusting behavior and treatment that forced me into the decision to opt out of partner sales. Does the actual Dreamstime website generate that little income these days that one 'must be in the partner programs in order to get a decent income each month?

Time to reconsider the pros of actually being part of this site anymore as the cons are all to evident.
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Posted: 06/30/2014, 16:52:50 PM
Admins-any idea when we might get an update/more info on the program?
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Posted: 07/01/2014, 09:21:04 AM
This test didn't start yet and we're working on minimizing the time required. Once we will learn more we will obviously share the information with you. We're actually very anxious to do that. And just to make it clear, we don't earn any money out of this test either, so it's in everyone's interest to get paid soon. But some things require time to be done properly.

As for being bullied: we've emailed selected contributors far in advance and allowed them to opt-out. Very very few did, about 99% of the initial selection remained available for this private-beta test. In order to allow users to opt-out from this single deal we would've used a huge amount of technical resources. 1% out of this small selection to project changes over hundreds of partnerships, millions of users and 25 million images? Call it how you like ("disgusting", are you kidding me??), but it just doesn't make sense to do this separately.
Edited: 07/01/2014, 09:31:44 AM by Admin
Hi guys, you just have to be a little more patient. As soon as we have
relevant data, we will make a public announcement.

Thank you for understanding!
Posted: 07/01/2014, 09:31:46 AM
Serban's technical information seems logical and fair. Malinash request for patience is just lovely. I'm in this beta test, waiting positive results because my revenues are falling despite the fact I upload quality images every day.
Hope DT will find ways to improve sales.
Posted: 07/01/2014, 12:28:45 PM
I think nobody just gives things for free without having a idea behind. I trust Dreamstime to their decisions and so should we all. Goal of a company is to make more revenue so i know that there is a reason for everything.

Edited: 07/01/2014, 12:47:35 PM
Thanks for the update. It is nice to hear you are trying to minimize the time. I was just curous about how things were going and will try to exercise my patience muscles.
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Posted: 07/01/2014, 17:06:36 PM
Ok I'll give it a go (somewhat reluctantly)
Opted back in to 3rd party alliances.
'Disgusting behavior' in hindsight was maybe not the best term to use but that doesn't mean dreamstime's behavior in the options given to us was the right one either.

Let's see how this thing turns out?

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Posted: 07/02/2014, 12:00:29 PM
very keen to hear an update on this private beta campaign....
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Posted: 07/31/2014, 00:01:24 AM
I opted out of the alliance program before the deadline because I'm not allowing anybody to use my work without an appropriate legal contract in place. It protects them, it protects me.

If I now opt back into 3rd party sales now, are my images safe from being included in this private beta campaign?
Posted: 08/11/2014, 05:25:53 AM
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