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Urgent photo request

I need 8 photos, business photo with young people. not more than two people in a photo. Standing, not behind the desk, not on a chair. The photo must show those people standing, from top to bottom, a full photo with their head to the feet.

I need them for my web site at the come page, about us, services, contact, news, events. It is a business site for a youth firm with youth people, nice people.

Thank you very much
Posted: 08/18/2004, 04:25:11 AM
I'm sure this is too young for your demographic, but I just uploaded this. I thought it would be a cute twist to your web-site. After all, you're never too young to be in business.

link to suit

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Edited: 08/18/2004, 19:58:41 PM
Please, I need something more seriously so people trust me and my team . My main activity is Public Relation and Events Coordination.

They have to be young, but not under 20 and not older than 27.


Posted: 08/19/2004, 02:45:44 AM
The site is very new so probably such specific requests can't be done that fast. You can still search the site, there might be some shots that fit your criteria.

Also you can change the concept a little bit and try to focus some sort of a metaphore instead. I manage two collections that could be useful to you. Click on my username and follow the collections link.

It's better to use great photos even if they are not yelling PR, rather than using images just for the sake of the idea...Just a thought.
Edited: 08/23/2004, 17:25:11 PM