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How to remove the noise in the vector?

I have uploaded several vectors but refused.And the problems was that there was too much noise.
But I can't understand that is there any noise in the vector?And how to remove it in the photoshop?
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Posted: 05/06/2012, 07:50:01 AM
You might want to reply the rejection email and ask for clarification. The reviewer might have hit the wrong button. Or maybe there have been conversion problems when you created jpg file from your vector file.
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Posted: 05/06/2012, 08:51:11 AM
No, it's not the wrong button, I had the same problem few times. Noise and bending in gradients rely to uploaded jpeg preview, but of course its not possible to solve it with method which they are suggest, so I didn't resubmit those files. Those vectors sell pretty well on other sites, so I loose and DT loose also.
Posted: 05/07/2012, 03:35:01 AM
Please note that the issue is not with the original format (vector), but rather with raster version. Vector files are reviewed in a different pending line. But any issues like the one you report either result from post-processing (overfiltering, resizing, sharpening, etc) or not saved at the highest quality possible. Please check always your JPG version at 100% prior the submission.

Banding effect is obviously a problem related to raster images, not to the original vector files. This problem results from the way PS (or similar applications) deal with gradients, whereas you can get them in a smooth and acceptable way, or with too many unaesthetic stripes of colors. Besides, if too prominent on the overall composition, there will be a very low degree of usability for customers willing to buy the raster version only.
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Edited: 05/07/2012, 04:00:13 AM by Admin
looks like the settings chosen while exporting like supersampling and compression were set to a poor setting or default, try art optimized if using AI, and max out the settings if you have enough memory on system
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Posted: 05/07/2012, 12:02:45 PM
In my case I always choose best quality jpeg but it doesn't help. If illustration contains dark-light gradients of any color you cannot avoid bending, It's main photoshop problem, and I don't think they solved it in Photoshop6 too.
Posted: 05/07/2012, 14:18:16 PM
Whenever I am converting a vector image to a jpeg, I copy the image from Illustrator and then paste directly into Photoshop, this avoids any banding of gradients.

I hope this helps.
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Posted: 05/09/2012, 03:15:38 AM
Susan's approach is one of the most common turnarounds.
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Posted: 05/09/2012, 10:41:07 AM

Originally posted by Susanfindlay:
Quoted Message: Whenever I am converting a vector image to a jpeg, I copy the image from Illustrator and then paste directly into Photoshop, this avoids any banding of gradients.I hope this helps.

Thanks for your advice.I'll try out the Illustrator.
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Posted: 05/09/2012, 19:20:07 PM