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New project: Meet TimelineImages.com (codename Ti)

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Where and how to opt in?
for the fun)...
Posted: 06/01/2012, 01:30:34 AM
You can opt-in here: Alliances, but that's if you ever opted-out. Initially, all portfolios are enrolled.

@Pancaketom: this is about a Facebook cover photo, a Twitter background or a Google+ cover photo. But initially this is aimed to work with Facebook.
Even if the terms mention it we don't expect users to post these on Pinterest, at least not in a higher degree than they post any other image. We understood your reluctance towards Pinterest, this project is not about it.

There is no referral program for this yet so you need to use direct links. Your friends get free cover photos, so that should be an attractive incentive already.

Credit line is given to the photographer and agency. If you want your name there, ensure your info is not confidential.

There are some bugs with the way Facebook detects images on the shared pages, so thumbnails might be different when posted on Facebook. We'll look into it, though working on a third party platform with no support can be frustrating sometimes.

We will look into all bugs and glitches (phone layout, page numbering), it will be best to also email them to support as they will get lost in this thread.

Happy to report we already had the first sale to a customer who is not a Dreamstime user.
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Great idea, it's not so easy for users without photoshop skills to create a nice image for timeline and that makes it easy!
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Posted: 06/01/2012, 02:56:08 AM

Images selected in shopping cart should stay there, until removed by user. All your users are registered (thanks to FB account), so it's an easy option to do. This is a good E-shop practice, because it's so annoying to lose your selection every time you close the browser. And I think, you want your users to come back again and again to download more .... new and from the choices they already made.


Will you be adding more "handpicked" - already cropped images?
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Posted: 06/01/2012, 03:18:08 AM
Great move!

Just some notes:
Seems like the current marketing campain is geared towards the use of the images on facebook. Maybe a more generic approach to all social media would be more advantageous for the long run. Who knows if facebook will have the same impact in the years to come...

There seems to be a legal problem in using Ti images for pinterest. I would suggest to eliminate all reference on timelineimages to pinterest for the time being. Maybe a separate license (at a higher price?) can be designed in the future to accomodate use of images on pinterest and others alike.

The current price is similar to microstock prices for web use, but the new license limits the use to social media applications. Although as a photographer I always like to get a higher pay for download, I feel the price for a Ti license could be smaller.

Maybe the same license can be used for different personal needs on smartphones (wallpapers, etc.). Some applications for these plaftform could make the distribution much simpler.

An important key would be to accomodate as many forms of payment as possible, especially the one suitable for small amounts (i.e. paypal, skrill etc.).

All the best,
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Posted: 06/01/2012, 03:34:21 AM
@Bogdan: terms were designed with all social media in mind, but the images are for now tailored for FB. If it proves successful, we plan to go further, as you suggested and we will address each of these platforms.

In the same time, users purchasing images pay for them and we don't want to restrict them just to FB. Some might want to use the same image on Twitter or Google +. If you are worried about Pinterest's terms, please address them in the specific thread.

In regards to payment, yes, $1 may be too much for some users. We will monitor feedback and maybe lower the price in the future. The W-EL license which allows this type of distribution results in a fee of aprox. $0.005 per copy (10,000 copies - 50 credits). While that would be too low, obviously, we need to keep it in mind as a reference.
Posted: 06/01/2012, 04:17:25 AM
Interesting !
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Posted: 06/01/2012, 04:34:27 AM
Great idea, I hope it will be a succes :)
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Posted: 06/01/2012, 04:53:57 AM
Timeline Terms of use: You may upload and display the licensed image on your own personal Facebook timeline, or other similar social networking use (e.g., Google+, MySpace, Pinterest, personal blog).

Just to clarify - does this mean that if you purchase an image you can display on Facebook AND all your other social networking sites under the same license? Just checking.

I can understand FB and blogs etc but not sure I quite understand Pinterest because of the nature of the site...over to the other Pinterest thread on this element I guess!

I've just been looking through Timeline some more - I am very impressed by the way it looks. Good looking site! It sometimes doesn't go back to the homepage easily though, if at all, but I will email this to support.
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Posted: 06/01/2012, 05:34:35 AM
I just update my timeline cover image :)
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Posted: 06/01/2012, 05:42:29 AM
excellent.. I know I am jumping shoes, but then there again there should be twitter version as well.. ;)
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Posted: 06/01/2012, 05:44:38 AM
Great....Cant wait.
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Posted: 06/01/2012, 06:22:33 AM
This is it!

Claps for DT team...coming with such a pioneer idea is not something easy! DT is growing and if we can keep the momentum (We = contributors + DT team) I see bright and vivid days in the future!

If I keep growing my income in this way...I think about quitting my day job in a couple of years! Then it is going to be the real Dream's Time :)

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Edited: 06/01/2012, 07:08:37 AM
Bogdan - since when is a buck expensive?

Keep in mind that businesses also have Facebook pages and need images. Its not just teenagers on Facebook.
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Posted: 06/01/2012, 08:01:06 AM

Originally posted by Achilles:
Quoted Message: The first 3 downloads are free, complimentary from Dreamstime.

I dont know if I got this right, but the idea is to use those images for your cover photo on Facebook, right?

Now, does people change this cover photo all the time, isnt 3 diferent images enough for them, I mean, will they ever download another one after 3 downloads?

It seems to me that one is enough, but thats just MHO.

Ths site looks very nice BTW, and its tightly integrated with Facebook, if not a bit slow, maybe too much traffic.

I have already changed my cover photo and am publishing my timeline.
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Posted: 06/01/2012, 08:07:17 AM
If I would take me for an example yes, I change my cover photo pretty often. It's about how I feel or what I want at some point. If I feel happy I'll just upload some kittens, if I crave for some food I'll just post some pasta :P.

Since Timeline is on I have changed my cover photo 13 times :)

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Posted: 06/01/2012, 08:14:37 AM
Elifranssens - Now divide by 135,831 contributors....

Don't get me wrong. I think this is a great way to expand and its an amazing job by the DT developers. Looks great, works well - just a few bugs left.

I can image a few images breaking out and selling very well over and over. For my unpaid models, its another way I can "pay" them by sending them to their images. Some of them just want imaged for their FB page anyway.
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Posted: 06/01/2012, 08:17:16 AM

Originally posted by BCritchley:
Quoted Message: On my smart phone the catergories of clipart and nature text are overlapping.


Please check again. Thank you! :)
Posted: 06/01/2012, 08:32:36 AM

Originally posted by Catarii:
Quoted Message: If I would take me for an example yes, I change my cover photo pretty often. It`s about how I feel or what I want at some point. If I feel happy I`ll just upload some kittens, if I crave for some food I`ll just post some pasta :P.Since Timeline is on I have changed my cover photo 13 times :)

Ok, I am not a heavy user of social media, so I will take your example as the way others do. Tks for the reply and lets hope everybody use those 3 free downloads ASAP and start buying more!
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Posted: 06/01/2012, 08:46:01 AM

All fixed :-)
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Posted: 06/01/2012, 09:07:52 AM
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