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Nokia 808 Pureview - Never miss a stock photo moment?!

Posted: 06/28/2012, 14:00:52 PM
There is a lot of photography that isn't covered by having lots of depth of field and a wide angle lens, but this camera will surely set the tone for what we expect out of a phone in the next few years!

Don't miss the comparison shootout with the Canon 5D MK III: Nokia 808 Shootout
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Posted: 06/28/2012, 14:18:40 PM
Thanks for the Link, Bradcalkins. I'm very interested in this camera. I have a 1.5 year old and end up missing a lot of moments since it's difficult to lug my camera around and his things as well. But I totally agree that just having a wide angle and large resolution sensor will not cover all photography aspects. It would be interesting to see if camera manufacturers such as canon and nikon will adopt this technology. Definitely very promising. Cheers.
Posted: 06/28/2012, 14:38:40 PM
wow thats incredible, thanks for sharing Brad!
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Posted: 06/28/2012, 15:50:40 PM
It is amazing,, wi'll see how it works very soon.
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Posted: 06/28/2012, 16:53:02 PM
this is what I call a useful blog hahhah...I press the button! and click on the link. No more need to Hasselblad :)) :P
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Posted: 07/03/2012, 13:17:17 PM
Would really like to see how it performs under normal (and low light) situations
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Posted: 07/03/2012, 15:41:52 PM
As a matter of fact, one of my photos shot with a Nokia 808 got approved for sale on Dreamstime.
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Now isn't that awesome!
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Thanks for the input Gunjan. I would love to see more shot with the Nokia 808. Great photo by the way. Cheers.
Posted: 07/21/2012, 08:55:20 AM
Great post!
Thx for using my photograph :)
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Posted: 10/28/2013, 05:43:15 AM