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Is my language the problem

Hi everybody

I am quite new here and have uploaded some pics.

Nearly every has been rejected with the following reason:

"Image details:
FILE ID: 25438009

See thumbnail for refused image: https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/thumb_697/1340650707TfFw08.jpg

Reason: - Your image info contains one or more of the following issues: irrelevant or incomplete title, description/keywords/categories issues, similar/identical title and description, title/description written with capital letters(CAPS LOCK ON). Use only keywords that are the most relevant and specific to the image subject. All the info required for an image is important and has great influence on your sales. That's why you must take your time for each image and provide individual, accurate, relevant and comprehensive information. Don't just copy&paste words, don't rush. The more precise the info will be, the more efficient the search will be as well and hence your sales. Read more: https://blog.dreamstime.com/search-tag-keywords.

Title: Postkartenidylle Helgoland
Description: Tilt-Shift-Aufnahme von Helgoland
Keywords: helgoland meer miniatur miniaturansicht modelbaulandschaft modellwelt nordsee schiffe shift sommer strand tilt tilt-shift

- Nature > Sea & Ocean
- Travel > Resorts
- Nature > Landscapes

Well I still thin everythink is fine and okay, but could be my German the problem? That he/she still haven't understood what I have written as title and keywords and so on?

Unfortunally I still havent gotten any anwere from Dreamstime so maybe you can help me.

With best wishes,

Björn from North Germany
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Posted: 07/01/2012, 07:35:51 AM
English only.
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Posted: 07/01/2012, 07:43:38 AM

Hi Björn

Yes, language is the problem, only English.

Grüße aus dem Norden

Posted: 07/01/2012, 08:01:18 AM
Besten Dank... :-)
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Posted: 07/01/2012, 08:23:06 AM
Precisely Herr Bjoernd, kein Deutsch hier...

The site receives all information in English, and there is an automatic translation to several languages for the foreign version of the sites.

Sometimes the translation is a bit funny, but it seems to work,

If you are not comfortable with english, you can use the keyword master program, but you have go pay for it.
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Posted: 07/01/2012, 08:34:17 AM
Hmm Let me think...

I tue nicht thinking that Englisch will become any problem... :-)

No, I nearly use english since 20 years every day, have english speaking friends and so on...

So english will not be a problem, but of course I do prefere my native languge. :-)
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Posted: 07/01/2012, 09:24:04 AM
Considering that a basic translation program sees keywords as: miniature world economy beach house, and the title as: Tilt shift recording

I would say the language is a problem.

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Posted: 07/01/2012, 09:28:33 AM
And this is for German, imagine chinese...
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Posted: 07/01/2012, 11:44:01 AM
Bjoernd, I hope I don't insult you, but reading your posts, your English is not very good. It is understandable, but there are a number of spelling and grammatical errors and even a little German mixed in. For example, "I tue nicht thinking that Englisch will become any problem" should actually be "I do not think that English will be any problem."

When you keyword, you should definitely use the spellcheck feature and it would probably be a good idea to get help from any native English speaking friends you may have.

And although it is expensive to use repeatedly, if you have a number of similar images perhaps you should use the Keymasters service (0.60 USD per image) for one and then copy the keywords provided to the other similar images.
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Posted: 07/01/2012, 13:14:18 PM
-.- these special sentence has been a joke! it was self-ironic.
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Posted: 07/01/2012, 13:35:26 PM
Ich habe es understanding :-)+
Posted: 07/01/2012, 16:40:38 PM
I would still recommend the spellcheck option, Bjoernd. ;-)
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Posted: 07/01/2012, 17:28:46 PM
Ich habe "er" understandig..,😄
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Posted: 07/01/2012, 17:33:34 PM
You could use a translation page on Google.
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Posted: 07/01/2012, 20:28:04 PM
Haben denn es alle understanding ???
Posted: 07/01/2012, 23:07:27 PM
Another basic rule of DT (Dreamstime) is...we are not allowed to ask opinions about rejections in forums. I know that you are not asking an opinion here. But it's good to keep this in mind. You should ask rejection reasons to the support team directly. They will answer better than everyone and quick enough :) welcome to DT
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Posted: 07/02/2012, 04:40:31 AM
Please use only english on this forum, even if you're making jokes. Thank you.
Posted: 07/02/2012, 04:42:59 AM
@Dudau Syr, it was just a little kidding.

@Parkinsonsniper I still haven't gotten any answere from Dreamstime :-(

But thanks to this guys here my first pics are online :-)

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Posted: 07/02/2012, 05:55:04 AM
Ok, let me help you a little bit more then :)

You can use only english on Dreamstime, in Title, Description, Keywords, Comment for Editor field, when submitting photos (it's written in red right above the Submit button).

You can use only english on Dreamstime forum, even if you want to make small jokes (it's written in our forum rules).

You can't discuss rejections on public forum, this is also written in our forum rules. All questions about rejections have to be addressed to our support, and be sure to include the image ID in your email.

You can, however, use other languages when you search photos.

Good luck :)

Posted: 07/02/2012, 06:53:54 AM