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Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

I've posted a bit in this forum but haven't really said hello yet. I joined I think last November and uploaded a few shots to test the waters but none were accepted. I recently got interested again and over the past three or four weeks I've had 78 shots uploaded and accepted. What a thrill when that first photo was approved, I did a capture of the screen and saved it.

My wife and I do a lot of travelling and that gives me opportunities for interesting subjects and shots. We live in Manhattan and I love shooting stuff around town too. I like candid outdoor stuff and haven't staged too many things indoors under artificial lighting, I'd rather record what I see in the world around me. The whole release-form thing is a bit of a bummer, especially because I love shooting people in public while I'm travelling. Getting approval to sell their images - especially when there's usually a language barrier - is difficult. I'm learning to balance stuff I want to shoot for myself with stuff I think might be accepted here.

Over time I've improved some of my equipment and that's made a noticeable difference. Last year I rented a nice Canon 70-200mm f/4 zoom lens while traveling in the Galapagos Islands to see if I could appreciate the step up in quality. I saw the improvement immediately and a lot of the pics I've had accepted here were shot with that lens and my 7D. I've got my eye on a similar lens I'm hoping to buy for a trip to India in November.

I'm curious to know how long it has taken people for their first pictures to sell. Is there a way to make them more noticeable here, maybe some trick that makes them stand out in a search or brings people to them?

It's a real thrill to be involved in this, I'm having a blast. The next goal is to improve my skills and get better, and I'm having a lot of fun pursuing that too. It's great to be a part of this site!
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Posted: 07/05/2012, 14:47:08 PM
Hi Cameron, good to have you here.

It takes a while for images to sell, the search engine takes a while to index them and buyers usually work their concepts by adding our images to lightboxes before buying, but this is not a precise science...
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Posted: 07/05/2012, 20:33:13 PM
Welcome to DT...I'm always jealous about traveling people. It must be great to see the world.

As Afagundes mentioned perfectly, it takes some time to sell. Becoming exclusive will help you a lot about the search engine and income. We already have a good travel photographer here (his name is Afagundes), having another good one will bring more power to DT :)

Welcome again
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Posted: 07/06/2012, 02:33:42 AM
hi there and welcome~
I started 10 months ago... and it was about 2 months before I had my first sale-and then had 2 more right away and one day 3 in one day. I still have had only 10 sales so I am struggling too to find some answers! blog, post, and watch key words... look at collections people have and try to suggest photos you have to go in their collections.. and one thing I have learned is the title is as important as the key words so make sure if you have a duck eating from a childs hands (just an example) then the title should be duck eating from childs hand and not cheese and quakers (or something equally silly of which I have been known to do!) most of all watch your statistics page and information area.. there is a lot of information there!
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Posted: 07/06/2012, 07:14:32 AM
Canon EOS 500D
Posted: 07/06/2012, 19:49:15 PM
Hi friend welcome, the 70-200 f:2.8 lens is a very very good one, same in canon as in Nikon. I have the Nikon one and quality is the best. I think it is a "must have".
If we know a way to make our pictures more noticeable, All of us would win a lot jajajjajaj.... I say like ever: work every day, is the only way.
Regards from Spain.
I use to work with first line Nikon equipment.
Posted: 07/07/2012, 13:27:27 PM
Thanks for the feedback, Angel.
f/2.8L II USM, Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2....
Posted: 07/07/2012, 22:58:34 PM
Hi, I'm Janet I just joined today. I have bought credits, but I don't quite understand the uploading process. Can someone help?
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Posted: 07/15/2012, 17:31:29 PM

Wouldn't we'd all love to know the shortcuts, tricks and magic needed to be successful. But then we'd all be back in the same boat wouldn't we?

The only trick is providing images that buyers want, offering a diversified portfolio and having a portfolio of significant size to be noticed among the 14 million images on DT.

You have to understand that while microstock offers the amateur or hobbyist photographer into a professional market, you still are competing with professionals who earn their full time pay doing this and are uploading 100 images a day.
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Posted: 07/16/2012, 11:07:14 AM
welcome to dt and many sales.
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Posted: 07/16/2012, 18:18:44 PM
@Scenebyawoman; Dear Janet welcome to DT. Since you bought credits, I think you are a buyer. You should post a new topic to ask your question and many people will help you. If you can ask more clearly, it will be faster to respond. What do you mean by uploading process? :) cheers
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Posted: 07/17/2012, 03:22:10 AM
Hi, I figured out how to upload, but, I can only get to very few my photo files, to upload. I have thousands of other photo files that I can not figure out how to get to. I have tried everything. I just don't get it?
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Posted: 07/18/2012, 13:50:11 PM
hi janet,
if you are trying to add photos, you do not need to buy credits. that is for people wanting to buy photos. when you start out, you are limited to how many images you can upload. once you start getting your work accepted, then your numbers move up as well. There are a few tricks and tips im happy to share, easiest is to contact me at face book and I will be happy to chat with you. it is confusing! I uploaded the first time and then it took me 2 months before I knew a little about what I was doing and another month before I was brave enough to add key words and actually post my work! I am still learning, but the learning curve is getting better. I am at iyd39@msn.com email and susan sheldon at face book. look forward to talking to you, and welcome
Nikon D70 and nikon 5100
Posted: 07/18/2012, 14:04:12 PM
I'm also relatively new here and also only started last year.
I wish you a lot of success :)!!!
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Posted: 07/19/2012, 02:06:01 AM