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Another set of stolen photos....

   Ferrari F1 flag   

Quite annoying really, although i know there's not much we can do. I was quite suprised to see my image there though considering my portfolio is so small...


On a lighter note, i just breaked the $50 barrier :)
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Edited: 07/17/2012, 16:23:05 PM
Can i not post an editorial photo on the boards?
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Edited: 07/17/2012, 11:03:52 AM
Please us DMCA notification to report inappropriate usage.
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Posted: 07/18/2012, 01:12:06 AM
What should we do if there was no action after a DMCA notification? In my case DMCA notification on a blogspot page got denied as well there was no response from a travel booking portal. Both sites use my images with dreamstime logo on them. Will dreamstime take any further action in such case?
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Edited: 08/18/2012, 10:00:33 AM
I have found many of my images used in violation of copyright. If I can find a "Contact Us" link on the web page, I make direct contact and ask that they remove it or purchase it properly from the stock agency where they downloaded it. If they do not remove or respond in a day or so, Then I would turn it over to support. I have also had people download my images and re-upload them as their own. One guy was actually stupid enough to re-upload it to the same site from which he downloaded it. That site was Dreamstime. When I contacted support and they confirmed it, his account was cancelled. Thank you DT for looking out for us on this matter.
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Posted: 08/25/2012, 22:38:09 PM