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Images rejected on assignment but OK for stock

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Is it not possible that when images are not regarded as "good enough" for an assignment, but OK for RF images be approved as an RF image directly.

Do they have to go directly to rejected images? It requires another upload and re-keyword.

Surely if it meets the requirements of RF stock it can be approved for that and not the assignment. This would obviously also improve acceptance ratio as a secondary impact.

Anybody else requested this before?

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Posted: 07/22/2012, 14:30:49 PM
I haven't seen this request before, Michael, but it makes sense. In addition to having to upload it a second time (and have the first rejection included in your stats) you don't know whether it will be rejected a second time for regular microstock. As a result, you could easily end up with not one, but two rejections for the same image when they could easily have just told you on the first go-round whether it was acceptable for regular microstock.
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Posted: 07/22/2012, 16:00:43 PM
Well, I think I recall such a discussion in the past (last summer). I did actually receive the following response upon rejection: "This is a good stock image but too simplistic for the assignment. Please, resubmit as normal RF". Maybe it was not exactly word-to-word but very similar.

Yet, I agree that it would make things easier for contributors (and for reviewers too) to accept an image as normal RF if it's good enough, but rejected for the assignment only.
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Edited: 07/22/2012, 17:52:02 PM
Glad to see you agree...it would just save so much time if it were possible.
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Posted: 07/23/2012, 07:59:22 AM
Has there been any further thought regarding this from the admin department of DT?

Why would this not be possible??

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Posted: 02/18/2013, 14:57:42 PM
I agree that this would be a very nice feature.
Posted: 02/18/2013, 16:23:31 PM
Now if only we could get one of the admin's to see this thread :-)
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Posted: 02/18/2013, 22:59:53 PM
Admins should see this thread :)
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Posted: 02/19/2013, 03:01:56 AM
Koo weee......admins :-)
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Posted: 02/19/2013, 03:11:01 AM
We have seen this thread, but I think we discussed the same idea some time ago.

When submitting for the assignment, you should choose only the very best pictures to upload. If we would accept the pictures refused for assignment as regular RF, then everybody would submit every picture to the assignment first. And that's not the point of the assignment.
Posted: 02/19/2013, 03:13:58 AM
posted in error
Posted: 02/19/2013, 03:43:16 AM
Understandable....thanks Dudau.
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Posted: 02/19/2013, 03:45:32 AM
I don't think we're requesting automatic acceptance. We'd just like for it to be reviewed for RF as well with-out having to go through the full upload process again. Even if the images had to go through a full waiting queue for a separate review, that would be alright.
Posted: 02/19/2013, 09:47:08 AM
As Didau stated above.. then everyone would just throw it out there for an Assignment and if they get lucky it will be accepted as an Assignment and if not RF.

The way it works now is putting the onus on contributors to think hard about the assignment and ONLY upload those that fit the assignment.

If it bombs and you get a message stating it would be great for regular stock then consider this as a positive response. It will get accepted. I have spoken coz it has happened to me!

No sour grapes about being refused.. you missed the point of the assignment. Now get back to work! ;)
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Edited: 02/19/2013, 16:19:34 PM
It still doesn't really solve the problem of the added rejection. I don't think a refusal for an assignment should count against your acceptance ratio if it's acceptable for RF. Even if it's not acceptable for RF, it's not quite fair that you have to upload it a second time to find that out and by that point you have not just one but two rejections counting against you for a single image.
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Posted: 02/19/2013, 20:05:31 PM
You said it Adpower99. If the images can't be accepted for regular RF from assignments at least don't let the rejection mess with our acceptance ratios. Please.
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Posted: 02/20/2013, 08:09:10 AM
I don't mind the AR hit as much as the reupload process. Just having an option to send it to the RF queue if it fails for assignment (even knowing that selecting the option could result in 2 rejections) would be a wonderful improvement in my opinion. I always have to manually correct the data that's in the EXIF fields once the image is on the DT server. I'm not sure why, but the data ends up in the wrong fields for me for all images on this site, but not elsewhere.
Posted: 02/20/2013, 10:32:52 AM
Fully agree! Cut time-consuming operations!
Still a lot of trial-and-error after five months as contributor :(
As image byer I must say that DT is really great! :-)
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Edited: 02/20/2013, 12:33:23 PM
How long does it usually take for the assignment image to be reviewed?
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Posted: 02/20/2013, 12:20:49 PM
I look at what's accepted for a particular assignment and then submit what I think is as good or a better image only to have it rejected.................. I've learned from experience just how subjective the assessment is...............and my acceptance ratio has suffered from attempts to do assigments. Worse if I feel unfairly treated it throws me into a low mood for 24 hours.

I sometimes think the Editors don't realise how much effort goes into getting an image. On a previous assignment [ end of the world ] I drove a model on a 20 mile round trip to a derelict house to do the previous assignment and did the trip twice and not one image from that series satisfied the Editors but most ended up as regular stock.

This time [ hobbies ] two have been accepted for assignment almost straight away. Maybe on the positive side it makes us raise our game but at a price. David

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Posted: 02/20/2013, 12:58:33 PM
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