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New assignment: Self portraits

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Thanks Calyx22
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Posted: 08/05/2012, 03:11:57 AM
Good news! My assignment image was accepted!

The bad news is the reviewer gouged out his eyes...
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Posted: 08/06/2012, 07:04:24 AM
is there any possibility i can submit an illustration image?
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Posted: 08/07/2012, 18:54:12 PM
Only if you are a cartoon character :-)
Posted: 08/08/2012, 01:49:00 AM
   Ringflash self portrait   

heres my ugly mug :-)
Posted: 08/08/2012, 09:58:12 AM
Cool shoot Warren0909:)
N(Nano Crystal) /AF-S 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G IF ED VR /MSI ...
Posted: 08/08/2012, 13:53:14 PM
Here is me enjoying a nice deep water dive. ;)

   Ray Face   
Edited: 08/10/2012, 08:37:38 AM
that's me:

   Gorilla in Suit and Tie   
Posted: 08/10/2012, 10:04:39 AM
Hi! I uploaded a photo on August 6. I do not have an answer!
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Posted: 08/11/2012, 09:50:14 AM

Originally posted by Musmaster:
Quoted Message: Hi! I uploaded a photo on August 6. I do not have an answer!

write support and you will see a miracle next day
trust me :)
Posted: 08/11/2012, 15:29:28 PM
Similar to Musmater's question, but before I demonstrate my impatience would like to know what the usual period for assignment approvals is. Does anyone have an idea?
Edited: 08/15/2012, 07:43:20 AM
Why not check for new work to the competition?
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Posted: 08/15/2012, 08:00:40 AM
   Smoking Skeleton   I was tempted to submit this - it's a really good likeness ;-)

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Posted: 08/15/2012, 10:11:55 AM
Does anyone know what is the deadline for submitting?
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Posted: 08/17/2012, 06:00:04 AM
Submissions end: 08/30/12
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Posted: 08/17/2012, 06:19:32 AM
How long are they open for voting after the end of submissions? Anyone know? Mine have been in the pending list for nearly a week, so just wondering how quickly I have to bribe people in case they get accepted.
Edited: 08/17/2012, 11:40:23 AM

Originally posted by Shadow69:
Quoted Message: How long are they open for voting after the end of submissions?

I think there's normally about a week before the winners are announced. But you can vote as soon as the image has been accepted.

Yours has obviously been accepted, I think they tend to get accepted in batches every few days.
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Posted: 08/23/2012, 19:51:19 PM
Hi folks, I got a few doubt, I'm sorry for the dumb ones:

1) Is the contest still working?
2) How to participate?
3) Do I need to upload or just post here the self portrait. How does it work?
4) How to vote on the entries?

Thanks in advance.
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Posted: 08/25/2012, 18:56:53 PM
1) Yes, entries close 30/08
2) Upload your work to the unfinished files area. Then click on the Stage: Submit for assignment link on the front page.
3) see above.
4) Any member can vote on the entries. Go to Approved submissions on the front page and then click the Dreamstime swirls below the images to vote. The biggest swirl is the highest score (5).
Canon 5DIII + lenses + lighting
Edited: 08/26/2012, 00:58:41 AM
yay, my photo was accepted :) it´s my first competition (and this is my first post ;) )
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Posted: 08/28/2012, 14:17:36 PM
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