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5 files you feel were incorrectly evaluated …

Sorry if this topic has been already cover, I cannot find any post about this.

I have submitted couple of files in "Insert IDs, comma separated” field for review assessment on “Refused files” page. But I cannot see any progress or response on this. At least some confirming e-mail, saying which files I submitted would be helpful. Or I missing something and there is a way to track these files?
Posted: 08/01/2012, 03:09:35 AM
This feature is still in beta testing. There is no reply yet, unless the image is approved. We will make an update once it goes live entirely.
Posted: 08/01/2012, 05:36:31 AM
Ok, thank you for reply! )))
Posted: 08/01/2012, 14:52:19 PM
But what does this new feature?
Posted: 10/26/2012, 05:54:42 AM
You are not allowed to post on the boards for the moment.