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Controversial: To Resubmit or Not After a Rejection?

Posted: 08/01/2012, 11:42:51 AM
thanks God that you resubmitted!! ;-))
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Posted: 08/01/2012, 13:30:58 PM
That's interesting, DT reviewers usually listen so I think it does not hurt to send them an occasional polite email when the photos are rejected.

Each photo should be taken case by case, if a photo has some issues that an be fixed then it can be worth resubmitting it although sometimes it's a lost case and that's fair enough. In some cases where I disagreed for the reasons stated for the rejection my photo got approved after I sent an email and stated my case (few cases but still worth trying occasionally).

Sometimes it's better not to argue and simply resubmit it again at a later stage if you think it has potential and is rejected for lack thereof - going through a different reviewer might give a different result.

Finally for non exclusive contributors it's probably better to submit variations to other sites that have a different policy on similar images, in order not to damage the approval ratio at DT - as I think the approval ration influences the image placement in the search engine.
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Posted: 08/02/2012, 02:31:59 AM
I had the same issues with my collection of "Coat of arms"
I tried to submit them one by one but more of the time they are rejected for the "too many..." Then when I compared my collection with other "flags" contributor, I found one who used the computer generated flag with only the texture of the flag changed (more that hundred...) I was a little bit disappointed at that time.
It seems that the trend/advises from editor is going to a sort of "collage" picture of the same topic. I tried it and it seems to sell well as well.
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Posted: 08/02/2012, 05:23:22 AM
I have resubmited some images with more information and have had good luck.
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Posted: 08/05/2012, 11:39:39 AM