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Contacting a Photographer whose image is being incorrently used?


I came across a problem on Facebook and Amazon the other day - someone is using a photographer's watermarked image as a book cover - both on Amazon's interior previewer and on their Facebook page. Although Amazon removed the image when it was reported - the mock-up with the Dreamstime logo is still visible. Repeated attempts to tell the author that she can't use a comp image in her final product has gone no where. I know the name of the photographer but his profile doesn't have a contact link that I can see. Any suggestions? I already contacted Dreamstime and sent them the links as proof - but haven't heard back. It's been a week, now.


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Posted: 08/17/2012, 15:17:24 PM
If you click on one of his pictures then hit the tools tab, you can send a comment there to let him know ( I dont know if youve tried that yet ). How very kind of you to go through all the trouble to let the photograph know , best wishes to you :)
Posted: 08/17/2012, 15:51:45 PM
I agree with Debra - both on the route to go and thank you for taking the time to notify the seller! I think we all need to stick together to help combat copyright infringement.
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Posted: 08/18/2012, 23:22:32 PM
Thank you for looking out for one of your fellow photographers. I think it's a good idea to keep vigilant about ALL work being used as not everyone will always know.
: )
Posted: 08/19/2012, 17:50:04 PM
*update* I just checked to see if she removed the images prior to contacting the photographer, and she has. Everything has been screen capped though, just in case she decides to make a case out of this.
Nikon SLR d5100 18-55mm 55-200mm 50mm
Posted: 08/20/2012, 16:47:31 PM