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Book covers using Dreamstime art

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I have published six books on Amazon over the past 12 months and have used Dreamstime art as the basis for every book cover. Regrettably, I no longer have the Dreamstime reference numbers to match the photos but the Kindle book covers can be seen on the Amazon site, using the link http://goo.gl/hR3iz
Posted: 08/29/2012, 16:31:48 PM
Thanks for sharing this Mesedgwick
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Posted: 08/29/2012, 19:49:21 PM

Originally posted by Mesedgwick:
Quoted Message: I have published six books on Amazon over the past 12 months and have used Dreamstime art as the basis for every book cover. Regrettably, I no longer have the Dreamstime reference numbers to match the photos but the Kindle book covers can be seen on the Amazon site, using the link http://goo.gl/hR3iz

Thanks for letting our contributors know where their images are being used. If you want to match the photos, you can check your download archive and retrieve their Dreamstime ID numbers from there. The download archive can be accessed either from the management area or the top right side of the screen/Account stats area:
link here

Again, we appreciate this.

Posted: 08/30/2012, 02:38:05 AM
This is a resend of an earlier post but with Dreamstime I.D.'s.
I have published several books in the past 12 months using Dreamstime photos for my Amazon eBook covers. Link to my author page is http://goo.gl/hR3iz
20404778 used for "The Boy Who Lost His Oomph"
23863271 used for "An Unlucky Brake"
18360275 used for "Philandering"
3612991 used for "Bramdean" composite
9112598 used for "Bramdean" composite
Thanks to the artists.
Mike Sedgwick
Posted: 08/30/2012, 17:41:18 PM
I make customized prayerbooks for Jewish events, mostly Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and weddings. Dreamstime is my favorite place to get gorgeous images for the covers. Whenever a customer has a theme in mind, I send them to Dreamstime and let them search as much as they want, with the understanding that one image is included in their order. Israel and other Jewish images are especially popular, and nature, but all kinds of things work for different families.

My website has assorted sample covers, many of them from Dreamstime: www.customsiddur.com

Here are some of the ID's I've used (many more than once):
24126806, 25521210, 10971027, 23563614, 13258665, 22048669, 13241073, 7179950, 9634776, 13315743, 2928171, 6639747, 8366229, 14433195, 12100471, 1510276, 14294825, 12183179, 5004645, 9922616, 10009809, 3075629, 3579781, 6110532, 4068991, 5662084, 2639226, 5935414, 3375491, 4805544, 3702297, 3588132, 366591, 221273, 348103, 532107
Posted: 09/12/2012, 12:25:09 PM
I have just submitted a cover for the third book in my Queen of Scots Suite. I did the first one, my son's art is on the second, but on the third and fourth I am using two of Darja Vorontsova photos; I plan to use a cover from Dreamstime on book five, although I have not decided between two candidates.
Posted: 10/18/2012, 20:45:46 PM
I have used the following image: https://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photography-hostage-gunpoint-image4125807#_
and the result can be see on Amazon reference:http://www.amazon.com/Business-Kings-Ransom-Scripts-ebook/dp/B00A2WH3Y2/ref=sr_1_27?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1352379375&sr=1-27&keywords=Brian+Comerford
Posted: 11/08/2012, 06:56:54 AM
I used female-pastor-finding-something-shocking-bi-image13059139 for the cover of my first book, "Things I Never Learned in Sunday School." It was purchased by my cover designer with my approval.

The book is in eBook format (with a paperback version coming soon) and can be seen in the Amazon Kindle Store.

Thanks Scott Griessel for your talent!
Edited: 11/16/2012, 13:53:05 PM
It is great to hear from so many people who have found and bought useful images for their projects. Thanks, and let us know if there is something else you are needing and can't find.
Posted: 12/03/2012, 23:47:09 PM
Here are the images that Michael E. Sedgwick (mesedgwick) mentioned that he has used from Dreamstime. You can find his books using these images on Amazon.

   Funny Boy and girl on grass    used for "The Boy Who Lost His Oomph"

   Two couples drinking champagne    used for "An Unlucky Brake"

   Love couples    used for "Philandering"

   Man profile portrait.    used for "Bramdean" composite

   Red-haired beauty    used for "Bramdean" composite
Posted: 12/03/2012, 23:50:18 PM
Beautiful images!! Congratulations to all those talented photographers!! 
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Posted: 12/04/2012, 01:25:35 AM
For my latest novel, "Light On A Distant Shore" (Amazon link: http://goo.gl/R2ntZ) I downloaded Dreamstime image #I 25893744 and modified it slightly to suit my need.   Romantic couple silhouette on the beach   
Posted: 01/13/2013, 17:30:16 PM
In my previous post, I intended to say how much I appreciate the quality of images that I have found and used in Dreamstime.
Posted: 01/13/2013, 17:32:13 PM
I recently published my first eBook, Treachery in the Sky
which can be found at:

On my cover, I've used Dreamstime images:
   Asian girl   
   Moody Teen   

Thanks Dreamstime contributors for the great photos!
Edited: 02/03/2013, 23:59:18 PM
I have used the following images from Dreamstime:

 Woman near window    Starfarer's Dream
   Large walk in closet   Far Side
   Abstract blue background - curtain and waves   This was photoshopped with the above image
   Beautiful girl playing the cello   This is the cover for Tree Symphony to be published within the week.

Thank you artists for your great work!

Gina Marie
Edited: 02/10/2013, 18:51:35 PM
I found the perfect picture from dreamstime for my latest book. Last Respects is a wonderful photo and depicts exactly what I was looking for. Here is the link showing the picture, which I modified slightly for the cover.


Thank you to msphotographic and dreamstime. :)
Posted: 08/15/2013, 13:59:58 PM
I used a graphic by Frenta for the cover of my thriller novel "Isle of Beasts". I also credited Frenta on my copyright page. The book is available for digital download and in paperback on Amazon. Thank you, Frenta and Dreamstime, for the awesome service. 

 Monster claws   
Edited: 10/07/2013, 17:33:03 PM
Congratulations for all talented photographers! Very beautiful!
Posted: 10/10/2013, 01:10:58 AM
I am publishing 2 books on Amazon Kindle and found 2 terrific images on your site that I am using for cover photo. I would like to congratulate the photographers for these creative and startlingly different photos that are perfect for my books.

File ID-s are: 31024938 and 18113642

One book is already published and it is a collection of poetry. The image can bee seen at:

The other is going to be about Physics and will be published soon.
Edited: 11/25/2013, 21:27:53 PM
Hi, I will be using image 38876453 by Constantin Opris as the main photo on the cover of 'The Holiday', the second book in my Inspector West series of novels.
Posted: 04/08/2014, 07:01:32 AM
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