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So you want to be a Macro photographer

New article posted: So you want to be a Macro photographer
Canon L 28-300, Canon L 24-70, 50mm prime f/1.4, 2 x Canon 580EX II F...
Posted: 09/26/2012, 05:15:44 AM
agree,Thomas's pics is great,the top macro shot.
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Posted: 09/26/2012, 09:43:59 AM
Thomas Shahan is the main reason why I have started with macro photography...everyday I am trying to found and shoot some jumping spiders, which are my favorite subject in macro photography. He really has some beautiful macro shots.
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Posted: 09/26/2012, 10:10:51 AM
Thanks for sharing.
and equipment: - Nikkor 70-300 mm - Nikkor 18-105 mm...
Posted: 1 minute ago
I enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing!
ED, Nikkor 24-70mm 1:2.8 ED, Nikkor 70-200 1:2.8 ED VRII, Nikon S...
Posted: 09/29/2012, 02:04:12 AM
Indeed,thanks for sharing this.Stunnjng work.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Good video, thanks for sharing.
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Posted: 07/12/2013, 12:38:05 PM
It's funny... I actually gotto see that video yesterday and had a comment on youtube about it... Coincidence?
Posted: 1 minute ago