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Please critique my portfolio

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Many thanks for all your support and help! :)
Posted: 10/03/2012, 17:20:04 PM
As mentioned above, your Achhiles heel are keywords. For example your titles "woman" can't work. Look at small stats which illustrate Afagundes words:
woman: 1,769,919 images in database
student: 187,437 images in database
student library: 11,856 images in database

I think it is better compete only 11 thousands images than one and half milion.
Edited: 10/08/2012, 04:52:14 AM
Hello Hugo, you have a great portfolio and I think that the best for you is to get out of the studio and make some nature shots too.
50 f/1.8...
Posted: 10/10/2012, 07:30:03 AM
Here's a video interview with Dreamstime admin Carmen Pietraru (aka "Tangie") about keywording, descriptions, and titles. This is from a few years ago, but it is still quite useful. Just before minute 4:00, she mentions that short titles are good; when pressed, she indicates that 3-5 words would generally make a good title. In the video, she explains how lots of keywords helps and how it hurts. Enjoy -- Interview with Carmen Pietraru
Edited: 10/16/2012, 10:26:55 AM
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