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Additional Format

New article posted: Additional Format
Pancake 40 STM, Cokin P Filters, Canon 300X....
Posted: 10/03/2012, 05:12:54 AM
I've got one additional RAW format for one pic so far, but haven't sold it yet. Selling a RAW file seems to be an interesting income for a contributor, but is also expensive for a buyer.
If we would know how big the part of sold RAWs is for DT, we could reconsider this (a little time-consuming) option for all our uploaded files.

Let's see what other contributors have to say.

Cheers, Massimo

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Canon 5D MkII Canon lenses
Posted: 10/03/2012, 06:31:10 AM
So far I haven't even tried to upload RAW's - so thanks for asking Alexandra and I too am looking forward for answers on this :)
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Posted: 10/03/2012, 06:42:01 AM
Your choices are up to you, but I will never sell my raw files.
They are the proof that I own the copyright of my images.
And it feels like a potter selling the clay instead of the pots.
Posted: 10/03/2012, 08:02:19 AM
I have uploaded a few RAW files and then stopped completely for the exact reasons given. They are the proof that you took the photograph.
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Posted: 10/03/2012, 12:34:14 PM
Good point. thank you!
Canon 5D MkII Canon lenses
Posted: 10/03/2012, 14:05:58 PM
I would like to know this answer too! does having a raw format help sell an image? who is getting a better sale out of it? I have uploaded at least a dozen raw files, but never sold one yet. inquiring minds want to know!
Nikon D70 and nikon 5100 Nikon d500
Posted: 10/03/2012, 15:36:59 PM
I have been uploading RAW files without selling any. After reading this, I may stop.
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Posted: 10/06/2012, 14:40:53 PM
Many thanks - this has answered my question. Was going to spend some time today uploading RAW files but think I will do something else instead! Regards
Nikon D7000
Posted: 06/22/2013, 02:22:19 AM