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My photo is in 500 blogs and with the logo of dreamstime

Posted: 10/09/2012, 01:11:57 AM
Please use the Report Misusage page from the Management Area to report these infringements of copyright.
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Posted: 10/09/2012, 01:20:09 AM
I also have found my img in blogs but i can not use the Report Misusage page because in blogs there is not e-mail
Thank you
Posted: 10/09/2012, 03:17:20 AM
Edited: 10/09/2012, 03:21:05 AM
Elultimodeseo,it ecae viral aparantelly
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Posted: 10/09/2012, 05:02:05 AM
I have the same problem that jimakosbook, in the blogs i can not send an email!!
so the Report Misusage dont work in this case...

i have another option? or i have to said "my image it became viral be happy" (??)
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Posted: 10/10/2012, 12:22:48 PM
I just found mine on the Scholastic site. Of all people, should a company that sells books to schools know not to steal copyrighted material? It's in a blog on the site, so Scholastic probably doesn't really monitor it, but the guy who wrote it is a former senate education staffer. He should know better.

Posted: 10/11/2012, 14:43:45 PM
I think the watermark of Dreamstime is very "pacific" on the image....i vote to Dreamstime put a watermark more dark, bigger or visible, maybe write something on logo that turns uncorfortable the use of image
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Posted: 10/15/2012, 18:15:16 PM
Brmonico, DT has just updated the watermark, its quite visible, there are exceptions, images in light grey, but most images are quite well protected.

It is the case of the image of Elultimodeseo, you cant be even stronger than that because it might harm sales.

Now, if some people still want to use it even with that hard watermark, than you need to report them, there is no other way.

What is unexpected to me is that some of the girls who posted his image are not girls at all, one girl is 35! She should no better!

If I were Elultimodeseo I would be pissed...
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Posted: 10/15/2012, 21:16:40 PM