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Taking that extra step to get an even white or black background

Here's a quick trick to get that even white or black background. It can be tough trying to shoot an object and get an even white or black background. Here's what I do to isolate an image. Using the Info Tool (F8) and Curves Adjustment layer helps me identify where I need to paint out areas that need it.

Click here for the quick video tip

Below is a summary of steps from the video above.

1.) Use the Info Tool to get an RGB reading (Window > Info)
2.) White in RGB is (255, 255, 255) & Black in RGB is (0, 0, 0)
3.) Duplicate the original layer (Command + J)
4.) Add the Curves Adjustment (Window > Adjustments > Curves)
5.) In the Curves Adjustment drag the black triangle to the right (for black background, drag the white triangle to the left)
Use the Brush Tool (B) and set the Opacity to around 30-40%
6.) Set the foreground color to either white or black depending on which background color you want
7.) Paint on the Duplicate layer
8.) Use the Info Tool (F8) or the Curves Adjustment to aid in getting even white/black background

Hope this helps. Enjoy!
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Posted: 10/20/2012, 11:39:19 AM
Very good tutorial I think. Clear simple and short. Well done!
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Posted: 10/21/2012, 10:13:57 AM
another good tip, this works for a lot of them

if you open the curves adjustment you will see 3 eyedroppers, a black one, a grey one and a white one, select the white on and click on an area you want to make white.... on many photos it is good enough to be done at that stage
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Posted: 11/08/2012, 06:20:04 AM
try refine edge to help with tricky selections if you use cs5 and up
Posted: 11/10/2012, 12:50:24 PM
In Lightroom 4 I use the adjustment brush to paint on some extra exposure if my blown out white background needs it.
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Posted: 11/13/2012, 20:42:25 PM