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How to manage labels on wine bottles?

I'm looking for a way to produce photos of wine bottles with blank label. What is the technique? Maybe I have to replace the original label with a blank one before to shot....or I have to replace it with photoshop. In the latter case how to reproduce light effects on the dummy label???

Can you suggest me the technique?
Posted: 1 minute ago
Do it in photoshop. Make selection of the label and fill it with your color. Than you can reproduce light effect with dodge and burn tool.
Posted: 11/15/2012, 01:44:05 AM
Replacing on covering the original labels with blank ones would be a good idea and if you’re comfortable with removing the label part in PS also is good. For me these steps didn’t work well for me exactly as I expected and so I used empty bottles and removed labels manually. Pls. take a look at a small collection of mine. Probably you’ll get some idea. :)

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DG OS HSM, Canon EF 24-70mm f / 2.8L II USM, Canon EF 24-105mm f / 4...
Posted: 1 minute ago
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DG OS HSM, Canon EF 24-70mm f / 2.8L II USM, Canon EF 24-105mm f / 4...
Posted: 1 minute ago
Sorry for the late answer;

Best way is to replace the label before you shoot, it's faster and better :)

But there is way to change the label afterwards.

Create a new blank layer.
Pick the stamp tool and set the mode to "lighten".
Keep an eye on the light value of the label and try to choose an appropriate source for the stamp tool.
Use it on the text or pic. "lighten" mode will keep the light areas untouched and will effect only dark parts of the image.
Use a hard brush to prevent loss of texture.

You will need some empty space to use this technique.

Change the label and save your lifetime, quality :)) any textured white paper will work, you change the paper's color later.

Good luck
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Posted: 11/30/2012, 03:48:41 AM
I would always try to get it done in the camera. The more post processing you do, the more time you spend and the less profitable you are. Don't get me wrong editing can be lots of fun, but it can also be a pain in the rear. If you can replace the label before you take the picture I think you are better off. Another option is to shoot at an angle that doesn't show the trademark parts of the label. Hope my insight helps.
Posted: 01/05/2014, 08:53:20 AM