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Photo needed for book cover

No nudity, I need a slender long legged women, in a sexy white evenint dress. White stockings with her back quartered to the camera. She has her head turned down and is placing a knife in the back of her stocking. Her strawberry blond hair is covering her face. (No facial recognition). I'd like to see a little butt cheek and a little breast. (No nipple).
The book is the second in a series call Lisa, Diary of an Assassin. The first is Kobra, Diary of an Assassin and is the first parrallel books ever written. You can find Kobra at Amazon or Barns and Nobel. Amazon has the first couple of chapters on Kendal. Kalvin
Posted: 11/29/2012, 14:51:19 PM
I do not have anything like that (or an easy way to get it), but I do have a couple of questions. Firstly, are you wanting a photograph, an illustration, vector art, or does it matter? Some of the illustrators might be able to provide something this specific better than the photographers. Secondly, what is your deadline for the request? Thirdly, what are you thinking for the background? Is an isolation preferred? Thanks, and best of luck to you in finding what you are looking for.
Posted: 12/03/2012, 18:14:00 PM