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Title isn't a subject to be edited, anymore?

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I'm surprised that no admins have addressed this yet. Hello... are y'all out there?
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Posted: 01/07/2013, 18:21:21 PM
cant edit either, whether sold or not. Don't see why they needed to remove this feature??
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Posted: 01/07/2013, 19:11:54 PM
I can´t edit my titles either, so I emailes support asking them to change it for me, I will let you know if they answer me something.
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Posted: 01/07/2013, 20:24:45 PM
Lots of weird stuff going on since April.
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Posted: 01/07/2013, 20:40:12 PM
just tried and found no trouble to edit image name, description and keywords. What you may be experiencing could be a glitch in the system and hope DT will solve the issue. :)
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Posted: 01/07/2013, 21:12:06 PM
We apologize for the delay in addressing this question. We are aware you are worried but this is not a policy we intend to implement for the time being.

We are running some tests and hope for some technical improvements. Old images are affected by this change so you can edit the title of very recently approved files. Until we change this, you can send all he modifications to support. Include the image ID numbers and the new title and we will make the changes for you.

Thank you for understanding and this topic is closed until we have an update. We're always happy to assist you by email should you have questions or require title changes by email.

Edited: 01/08/2013, 02:30:32 AM by Admin
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