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Compact camera or pancake lens?

New article posted: compact camera or pancake lens?
Nikon D700 with Nikkor's ai and AF, Nikon 90x
Posted: 01/30/2013, 01:21:57 AM
Good choice for you. I am going to do the reverse. I am alway tagged with my 60D most of the time. Whenever the weather is nice or great situation appeared, I get it out but I feel like not spontaneous as approach. I think the G1X will give me this capability to stop my bicycle and shoot rapidly that I am missing. To conclude, I would say that we want what we not have. Maybe I will do the reverse later. And it is not a photography anymore :)
Inspirations and opportunities ...
Posted: 01/30/2013, 05:58:04 AM
Honestly - the G1X is a fantastic camera - I still miss "her".
Nikon D700 with Nikkor's ai and AF, Nikon 90x
Posted: 01/30/2013, 06:33:42 AM
I got my Canon 40 Pancake as a gift, when I bought my new 6D. I was amazed with the quality of the small lense. It will sure be on my camera while travelling from now on!
Pancake 40 STM, Cokin P Filters, Canon 300X....
Posted: 01/30/2013, 06:37:18 AM
Added to my list :)
Posted: 01/30/2013, 07:40:52 AM
don't sell, many buyer are looking at gear, this indicate the technical quality of the photo.
Posted: 01/30/2013, 09:58:15 AM
Great article. I'm going to check into that lens myself. Thank you.
Canon L85mm f1.2, and a fun little Fisheye lens. ...
Posted: 01/30/2013, 10:50:06 AM
I've gone a similar way. I used to have a dSLR and a compact, and always found the compact lacking a bit for stock use. I ended up splitting the difference and moving to the micro four thirds format. With the OM-D and a pancake lens it is truly similar in size to the Canon G1X, but even with 4 or 5 primes it still fits into a small bag... Love having my 'best' camera with me at all times.

I do the extension tube thing too - makes for a handy macro lens in a pinch. Here is a shot with my 14mm pancake lens and 10mm extension tube combo while out skiing:

   Unique snowflake   

Here is a look at how truly small the Olympus OM-D is :) Mind you, the sensor is smaller than the one in the G1-X by a little bit: Size comparison
ZD 50mm Macro f/2...
Edited: 01/30/2013, 11:57:09 AM
I think you did the right thing... Good luck.
and equipment: - Nikkor 70-300 mm - Nikkor 18-105 mm...
Posted: 01/30/2013, 13:01:11 PM
nice shot Brad -- and thanks for all the nice comments - I appreciate every single one of them :)
Nikon D700 with Nikkor's ai and AF, Nikon 90x
Edited: 01/31/2013, 20:06:32 PM
40mm handhold at 1/40 f4 ISO800 with CANON 5DII --- took this shot while strolling through the city - I suddenly can do handhold up to 1/25 with avoiding shaken pics - with the 50mm I couldn't - there it was usually 1/60 -- this was also one of the typical situations where I usually used the G1X -  Australian Handcraft store window display   
Nikon D700 with Nikkor's ai and AF, Nikon 90x
Edited: 02/01/2013, 20:31:08 PM
Hello! Thank you for sharing your experience, it's very interesting! Wishing you many wonderful photos! Kate
Nikon family both digital and film.
Posted: 02/16/2013, 12:22:14 PM
Thank you Ekaterina!
Nikon D700 with Nikkor's ai and AF, Nikon 90x
Posted: 02/16/2013, 21:47:44 PM
Very interesting post coz I am in the same dilema, would like to have a second camera for travel and "always with me ", my doubt was exactly that: to buy a good compact or a second hand 5d (I owe already a pancake).
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Posted: 01/28/2016, 15:01:40 PM
meantime things have changed again - I have a Nikon Coolpix A with me nearly all the time - a pity Canon didn't try to build one like that - and the Canon when I'm on a photo trip
Nikon D700 with Nikkor's ai and AF, Nikon 90x
Posted: 01/28/2016, 15:14:32 PM