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My first ever conceptual image sold!

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Hallo Robin,
I am absolutely new here and I sent my first pix last week (still waiting for answer...) and today I read your blog and must add a comment. It's so wonderful to read about your success and I can absolutely share your happyness with you. I am a mother of 3 children and photography is my passion, my therapy etc. but I still do it with a camera like yours and do not have really great expectation in selling something. My motivation is to share my work, my creativity and you are so right, when you say, that this is, what really matters. None technique equipment can't replace creativity and first of all: heart and soul.
I also must admit, that I saw photos here at DT that are really ugly and nothing special. nothing notable and I asked myself, why did they choose them...?
Anyway I wish you a great future here and elsewhere with your work!
...for the moment nothing professional
Posted: 02/06/2013, 12:11:20 PM
Congratulations Robin!
I'm also new at it, but I have 41 pictures uploaded (40%), a EOS550D and 31 years... But I haven't sold nothing yet!!!

Well done guy and keep on!!
You inspire us!!
50mm. 1,4 Canon 70-200L f4 Canon 430EXII Canon 100mm 2.8...
Posted: 02/20/2013, 13:26:45 PM
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