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Is this character worth pursuing?

I've recently created a character and have had ok results with sales although it's extremely early days. I intend to keep changing this character into different professions, poses, scenarios etc. but I really wanted to have some feedback on the character itself.

So before I go off and create 100's of them, what are your thoughts? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

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I think the character is fine.

But as I always keep saying, well executed CONCEPTS will grab the attention of Buyers and get sales.

On the other hand, if you can crank out the images with the character in different professions, etc. and with minimal effort, go for it.

You can also maybe do 25 images, try other things, do another 25, etc. Pacing yourself to see how they sell might work too. You might create other images that sell better and you can drop the character for a while and pursue what seems to be working for you.
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It certainly is. You're on the right track, but for sake of diversification you should create other characters as well, such as a female woman, children, grandpa/grandma, and so on. Just don't fall on the same mistake many creators do, like relying only on one or two characters and then produce massive versions of them with mustache/no mustache, with glasses/no glasses, etc. That's wrong, as it most probably lead to refusals on the grounds of too many identicals, not to mention that it will only dilute your sales in short term. As Wisconsinart rightfully mentioned, do concentrate in strong concepts. That's why I suggested you to produce other characters as well (family members) so that you can produce high-demand concepts, say mixing characters in daily life moments: family eating at a table, watching TV, gardening, and so on. Let your imagination flow, and keep in mind that well executed and elaborated contents are as much important as good concepts. Hope this helps! :)
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Posted: 02/01/2013, 22:15:23 PM
Agree with Rolmat plus create different races and ethnic backgrounds, your characters cold and should be almost endless. Good luck :)
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Posted: 02/02/2013, 07:53:08 AM
I'm not really experienced...but I probably have a say here as I'd be more like general people who buy.

The rectangular face suits guys more and somehow makes them more attractive. (read somewhere lately).
Blue, red and green are more attractive than other colors. Blue usually encourages trust, red is more like an attractive color or something that stands for challenge. Green...just soothing. So you might want to use blue more with business related illustrations or red for something that is supposed to attract attention.

These are what I read while doing some research on colors as I am starting out and trying to build an attractive and useful port.
So...might help, though I suppose you knew. :)
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Posted: 02/03/2013, 03:44:44 AM
Hmm, Homer Simpson has a rectangular face... :)
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Characters are definitely a good way to go. You just have to have a plenty of poses, gestures, occupations covered... In my country is a character boom - every bigger online store has a "mascot" that appears on all the leaflets, webpages, the mascot usually does endorse the product, or examines it or points out something... Once you have enough poses for campaign you might have a whole set downloaded by one customer... - that is always neat. As guys already mentioned - to have complete family (3 generations/both genders) covered increases chances many times... than do concepts with them - show them in daily life, doing routine stuff, let them play with electronics, gadgets... The current customer is trying to be different than competition, so it is tempting to slip away from photos of real people for a campaign or two... the characters are a easy choice, when there is sufficient mass of poses/concepts to cover campaign...
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I definitely like your character. It nicely describes an average caucasian man. Now you need a women for him :)

But...am I the only one who see the weird left hand of the guy with red shirt?

It looks like a "right" hand on the left side, to me...am I wrong? Also his elbow is weird too, like he should have 2 elbows to look like that...
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