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How are your Images used

Hello I just had my first sale today and got to thinking is there any way to find out how your images are used.
Posted: 1 minute ago
Congrats Jdfoster!
You can google it to try to find it, but chances are that your image was not used on the web, so you wont ever find it, sorry.
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Posted: 02/10/2013, 04:53:00 AM
Congrats! It is indeed hard to find your images, out of all the photos I have sold, I have found less than 10 on the internet. however, check this message board to get help on how to find your pics.
Posted: 02/10/2013, 12:21:08 PM
congrats! i usually use google images to try to find my photos.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Thanks now all I have to do is get some more images online.
Posted: 1 minute ago