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Panagor for Canon

I recently acquired a Panagor for Canon lens, tele f=200m 1:3:5. It doesn't fit on my Canon T3. Is there an adapter I need, or is it just made for an older camera and won't fit?
Novice here! Thanks.
Posted: 02/12/2013, 09:04:10 AM
Posted: 02/12/2013, 10:27:20 AM
Does it say it is for Canon? If yes, it must be an older Canon mount - most likely FD, which is totally incompatible with EOS. Adapters from FD to EOS are expensive and degrade quality, as they contain glass inside.
10-20mm f4-5.6, home photo studio...
Posted: 02/13/2013, 20:01:27 PM