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Kenko DG Auto extension tubes for micro four thirds

does anyone out there have a set of these for micro four thirds?

i'm interested in your experiences with these in regards to the autofocus.

* does autofocus work well with these auto-tubes? is the autofocus as quick as normal?
* have you had good experiences using these with any of these lenses...
panny leica 25 1.4
panny 14-45
panny 45-200
* have you used them successfully with a panasonic G3?

i've read some stuff on the internet but looking for opinions from those who are actually using them.


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Posted: 02/20/2013, 11:27:30 AM
Here is a Video Review.
I have found that when stacked they sometimes produce a "Lens Connection" error. Other than that, work great.
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Posted: 02/21/2013, 08:33:17 AM
I have them, and they are pretty good. AF works, but to really use them right you should be on a tripod using manual focus. The issue is that they get you much closer, but the range of focus is really narrow. You won't be able to just focus, you'll need to move closer and further to get within the focus range, and then fine tune the focus.

I've used them with the 14mm Panasonic lens, and the 45mm and 75mm primes. For some reason I don't use it with the 25mm PanLeica lens - the 14mm gets more magnification and the longer primes get more working distance so I don't bother with the lens in the middle.
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Posted: 02/22/2013, 11:21:51 AM
Here are a couple of stock images I've taken with the tubes:

   Unique snowflake   
   Typewriter letters   

The main advantage of the tubes is that they work, and require very little in the way of space to add macro to your light travel kit. In the studio they are more of a pain, as you can't always get the framing you want due to the limited range. Great option for travel, in my opinion...

One with the 75mm + 10mm tube handheld through glass:


And a shot (on my blog) taken with the 25mm and tube:

Playing with lights

If you are a micro four thirds convert, you should definitely follow my blog :) I have some links on the side to other good sources of information on micro four thirds as well...

f/2.8 Pro, ZD 50mm Macro f/2...
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