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Tracking Sale Destinations

In another stock site, one can see who bought ones photos. I wish we had that here.
Posted: 02/21/2013, 12:57:00 PM
Would it be of any use if we knew who was using our images?
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Posted: 02/21/2013, 14:43:12 PM
It would be nice to know, though, I found many of mine surfing on the net and in some magazines.
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Posted: 02/21/2013, 19:58:49 PM

Originally posted by Miraclemoments:
Quoted Message: Would it be of any use if we knew who was using our images?

I have one image that was purchased and then edited which makes it unique. THAT image has been stolen by a number of other web sites. It would be nice to know who purchased because then I would know the rest stole the image.

Very rare situation though.
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Posted: 02/21/2013, 21:44:21 PM
Never thought about tracing my images... until now. How you can do that?!
Does Google images search can accomplish the task?
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Posted: 02/22/2013, 00:35:31 AM
I think the reason for not disclosing identities of buyers is that some contributors would try to contact those buyers direct - and buyers just want to buy images & get on with it, they don't want to discuss the images they've bought or be pestered to buy more!

Of course, that's not to say I wouldn't like to know the identities of those who buy my images ;-)
Posted: 02/22/2013, 10:13:33 AM
As most have mentioned at one time or another, it's always nice to know how your images are being used. Maybe just a friendly reminder to buyers each time they complete a project that the photographers like to see the end result of how their work was used.
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Posted: 02/22/2013, 16:56:03 PM