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Copyright infringement on Dreamstime


I need some advice!

A certain Michaelbfoley is selling an image of my work on Dreamstime. I would not mind it, if there was a credit to me in the description.

I have contacted Dreamstime. They have requested some info and then they vanished. I suppose they are not interested in that sort of stuff.

Of course, I cannot get any contact details of that Michaelbfoley either.

Any advice of how to resolve this?

Thank you,

PS Here's from the copyright law:
"All two-dimensional uses of the sculpture do not need the artist's consent, do not therefore breach copyright in the work - because it is permanently situated in a public place where the public can see it (that was the artist's intention) - and can therefore make two-dimensional versions of it. However, the makers of such 2D images are obliged to publish an acknowledgement of the author of the work when they make and issue such reproductions, whether doing so on a commercial or non-commercial basis. "
Posted: 02/27/2013, 16:14:32 PM

Next to each image, there are two tabs: Download and Tools. Under the Tools tab, you can send a message to the contributor, so you can ask him to credit you in the description.

I'm sure he didn't have bad intentions.
Posted: 02/27/2013, 16:49:49 PM
Thank you! I am sure he did not. I have written in and I will see what happens.

I do not use Dreamstime myself - I was forwarded the link by a friend. The website does not really offer a clear idea of how to deal with the sort of issues. And the "customer services" are not helpful at all.

Thank you again!
Posted: 02/27/2013, 17:06:01 PM
I really wonder the mentioned image...can we see it too.
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Posted: 02/28/2013, 04:30:08 AM
Of course!

Here is the link to the image and also to my website.



You cannot say that the sign just happened to be in the background.

Posted: 02/28/2013, 04:51:58 AM
Please help me clarify, is the "sign" itself is a work of art, created by you?
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Posted: 02/28/2013, 04:58:54 AM
Yes. Part of a larger body of work of under same title.
Posted: 02/28/2013, 05:24:03 AM
Ok thanks, So, I think all you want is a credit line in the description area, isn't it? It sounds very fair to me...
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Posted: 02/28/2013, 05:26:54 AM

Yes. This is all that needs to be done.

I have not had any replies yet from Michaelbfoley or Dreamstime.

Posted: 02/28/2013, 05:41:23 AM
Dreamstime has acted, even if you didn't get a notice. The image is gone.
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Posted: 02/28/2013, 09:32:10 AM
It is all getting corrected now.

Posted: 02/28/2013, 10:02:10 AM